The Fanuc R-2000iB Series

Nov 20, 2017

​Fanuc is a leader in producing amazing industrial robot solutions for a wide range of applications. This is seen in the Fanuc R-2000iB robot series that they offer to manufacturers across the globe. The Fanuc R-2000iB series was designed for application such as material handling, spot welding, dispensing, part transfer, palletizing, and more. The R2000iB series offers a large work envelope, faster cycle times, and overall higher throughput and product quality.

Fanuc R-2000iB robot series

Fanuc offers auto­mat­ed solu­tions for a wide range of cus­tomers’ needs as seen with the vari­ety of options avail­able in the Fanuc R‑2000iB series. The robots in this series pro­vide users heavy-duty robots that have slim arms, mak­ing part access eas­i­er while also decreas­ing inter­fer­ence with periph­er­als. They are designed for a vari­ety of appli­ca­tions such as mate­r­i­al han­dling, spot weld­ing, dis­pens­ing, part trans­fer, pal­letiz­ing, and more. Addi­tion­al­ly, there are a vari­ety of attach­ment points that make inte­gra­tion easier.

The robots in the R‑2000iB series bring a large work enve­lope; the reli­able Fanuc ser­vos enable faster cycle times and high­er through­put. Oth­er ben­e­fits include the process and appli­ca­tion cable rout­ing through the arm, the absence of a coun­ter­weight which increas­es the avail­able work­space, few­er mechan­i­cal com­po­nents, low­er acoustic noise lev­els, and low­er pow­er con­sump­tion. The inter­nal rout­ing gives man­u­fac­tur­ers more flex­i­bil­i­ty when plan­ning sys­tem lay­out because swing­ing and snag­ging cables are no longer an issue. The non-rotat­ing fore­arm sim­pli­fies hose and cable dres­sout and also pro­longs ser­vice life. 

This line is tru­ly full of flex­i­ble, heavy-duty robots that can bring a vari­ety of advan­tages to man­u­fac­tur­ers depend­ing on the mod­el. Take a look at the dif­fer­ent robots avail­able in this series to see which one best match­es up with your pro­duc­tion needs.

  • The Fanuc R2000iB/​200T is a top mount” mod­el with a pay­load capac­i­ty of 200 kg and 2,208 mm reach. This rail-mount­ed robot was designed to bring the same pre­ci­sion and speed in a space-sav­ing pack­age; the R‑2000iB/​200T is very adapt­able to a vari­ety of lay­outs with min­i­mal instal­la­tion time. 
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​100H is a five-axis robot that brings a 100 kg pay­load capac­i­ty and 2,655 mm reach.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​100P is a pedestal mount robot, designed with a long reach (3500 mm) and uses very lit­tle space on the work floor. 
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​125L will bring a long reach to the pro­duc­tion line (3,005 mm), excel­lent cost per­for­mance, and ease of use for appli­ca­tions with inte­grat­ed ver­sa­tile process solutions.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​150U is a ceil­ing-mount­ed robot with a pay­load capac­i­ty of 150kg, a reach of 2,655 mm, and a small footprint.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​165F is a heavy pay­load, food grade” robot offer­ing a 165 kg pay­load and 2,655 mm reach.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​165R is a rack-mount­ed heavy pay­load robot that is ide­al for shelf installations.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​170CF is a small com­pact” but fierce robot that can be mount­ed on the floor or ceil­ing and can han­dle pay­loads of up to 170 kg.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​175L pro­vides users with max­i­mum ver­sa­til­i­ty for chal­leng­ing appli­ca­tions as it pro­vides a long reach (2,852 mm) and high pay­load (175 kg) capacity.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​185L brings more pow­er to your pro­duc­tion line with a 185 kg pay­load capac­i­ty and a long reach of 3,060 mm.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​200R is a rack-mount robot with a 200 kg pay­load capacity
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​210F is a floor-mount­ed, food grade” robot with an extreme­ly high pay­load (210 kg), 2655mm hor­i­zon­tal reach, and six degrees of freedom.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​210FS pro­vides users with a hol­low wrist, 210 kg pay­load capac­i­ty, and 2,605 mm reach.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​210WE is a wash envi­ron­ment” robot for those that can per­form unim­ped­ed in the harsh­est of con­di­tions. The robot arm is dust-proof, wash-proof, and can with­stand immer­sion in water up to 1m. It can also be fit­ted with arc weld­ing torch­es and oth­er tool­ing to make it ver­sa­tile enough to per­form weld­ing and mate­r­i­al removal.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​220U robot is an upside down mount” six-axis robot used for a vari­ety of appli­ca­tions. At the wrist, the max­i­mum load capac­i­ty is 220 kg with a hor­i­zon­tal reach of 2470mm. The invert­ed R2000iB/​220U R‑30iB robot can be fixed with vision, bin-pick­ing func­tions, and diag­nos­tic func­tions with the controller.
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​220US is an upside-down mount robot with a hol­low wrist. It can flip over, work­ing behind itself as eas­i­ly as in front enabling the abil­i­ty for the robot to eas­i­ly work back and forth between two sta­tions or work cells. The hol­low wrist helps to pro­tect and pro­long the cable life. 
  • The Fanuc R‑2000iB/​250F is a food grade” mod­el that brings the most impres­sive pay­load capac­i­ty of 250 kg.

The ver­sa­til­i­ty of all of the R‑2000iB robots in this series is astro­nom­i­cal. Robots​.com is proud to offer the robots in this series as new or used mod­els. The used Fanuc R‑2000iB robots go through an intense refur­bish­ment process. To begin inte­gra­tion of one of these robots onto your pro­duc­tion line, con­tact Robots​.com rep­re­sen­ta­tives today online or at 8777626881.

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