The Fast and Versatile Motoman HP20F Robot

The Motoman HP20F is a high-speed, versatile robot that brings superior performance to applications such as material handling, machine tending, cutting, packaging, and dispensing. If you are looking to give your production line a boost in speeds, than look no further than the HP20F. Contact RobotWorx representatives today to get started with your integration process.

The Fast and Versatile Motoman HP20F Robot


Speed is one of the most attractive reasons to invest in any robot. When a robot is fast, that means that applications are completed more quickly, and products get out to consumers at a much faster rate. If you are looking for a fast robot that is able to handle a variety of applications, the Motoman HP20F robot is the way to go.

According to Motoman Robotics, the Motoman HP20F is designed to be a versatile, high-speed robot that offers superior performance in several different applications, including handling, machine tending, cutting, packaging, and dispensing applications. This robot is able to achieve the high speed repeatability for all of the applications is able to complete, which makes its versatility more viable from a consumer standpoint.

However, speed and versatility are not the only reasons to invest in the Motoman HP-20F. This robot is also perfect for companies that have limited floor space. The HP 20F has a small interference radius, which reduces the floor space requirement needed for the robot to function properly. Along with its ability to be floor, wall or ceiling mounted and the compact controller that comes with it, the Motoman HP 20F is about as compact as they come.

Are you interested in learning more about the Motoman HP20F robot? Then you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for several different robotics companies, including Motoman Robotics. Our staff is waiting to assist you in building the perfect robotic system for your facility and your application.

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