The Fundamentals of the Motoman UP165 Robot

Sep 26, 2013

The Motoman UP165 robot is a complex robot that is made of many parts to produce the productive workhorse spirit that it is. The UP165 has servo motors, internal wiring, six axes, and other parts to help it move perfectly on your production line.


Like many robots in the Motoman line, the UP165 is a com­plex piece of machin­ery that has more parts than you would real­ize. Like each Motoman robot, the UP-165 has ser­vo­mo­tors, inter­nal wiring and oth­er parts that help the robot to move. How­ev­er, it is the make­up of the wrist in the Motoman UP 165 that allows the robot to per­form its job accord­ing­ly. The wrist unit, part num­ber HW917 is made up of the wrist and the wrist base.

The wrist base, part num­ber HW91008901, is the part of the robot that attach­es the wrist to the rest of the robot at the B‑axis. This wrist base routes the wiring from the wrist through the rest of the robot and down to the con­troller. Then there is the wrist, part num­ber HW91008961, that give motion to any end-of-arm tool­ing attached to the robot. The wrist has 360 motion and acts like a human wrist, with the end-of-arm tool­ing act­ing as the hand.

As men­tioned above, a robot is not all wrist though. There are inter­nal wires, ser­vo­mo­tors and reduc­ers as well.

Inter­nal wires for the Motoman UP-165, part num­ber HW9171094‑A, are the wires that direct all of the out­side cur­rent to the dif­fer­ent motors and oth­er parts of the robot. This inter­nal wiring even­tu­al­ly con­nects to the con­troller and the pow­er sup­ply for the robot, feed­ing it not only pow­er, but also instruc­tions for its applications.

Ser­vo­mo­tors, anoth­er inte­gral part of the robot’s make­up, are found on each axis of the Motoman UP-165: The S‑axis, HW9381382‑A; the L- and U‑axes, HW9381261‑A; the R‑axis, HW9380938‑A; and the B- and T‑axes, HW9381368‑A. These ser­vo-motors are impor­tant because they help with robot move­ment. They are like reg­u­lar AC motors, but they have an ampli­fi­er and receive feed­back from oth­er points on the robot.

Final­ly, each robot has reduc­ers, also known as speed reduc­ers, on every axis: The S‑axis, part num­ber HW9381388‑A; the L‑axis, part num­bers HW9381442‑A and HW9381442‑B; the U‑axis, part num­bers HW9381465‑A and HW9381465‑C; the R‑axis, part num­ber HW9381399‑A; the B‑axis, part num­ber HW9380961‑A; and the T‑axis, part num­ber HW9381400‑A. These reduc­ers are used to slow the out­put from the motors in the robot axes.

It is impor­tant for all these crit­i­cal parts of the robot to work togeth­er for a com­plete sys­tem that works well for the cus­tomer and improves pro­duc­tiv­i­ty in their facil­i­ty. Whether you are look­ing to pur­chase a Motoman UP-165, or if you have a UP165 in your shop that needs parts, Robots​.com can help you get what you need. As an inte­gra­tor for Motoman Robot­ics, Robots​.com has every­thing you need for the UP-165, or any oth­er robot in the Motoman line.

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