The inner workings of the Fanuc M6i Robot

Nov 17, 2013

The Fanuc M6i is a strong and versatile robot, sure to bring increase productivity and efficiency to your production line. There are several parts inside the M6i that help it move and function, including the servomotors, the reducers, and the gears.


The Fanuc M6i is an ear­li­er mod­el robot from the Fanuc line. That is not to say that it does not have mer­it. Unlike oth­er machines that can be obso­lete, robots like the M‑6i can last for decades, being retooled and refit­ted to per­form all kinds of appli­ca­tions. Of course, this kind of oper­a­tion longevi­ty can only be achieved if atten­tion is paid to the inner work­ings of the robot, and the main­te­nance it may need.

The Fanuc M 6i has sev­er­al com­po­nents that help it to move and func­tion. Three impor­tant com­po­nents are the ser­vo­mo­tors, the reduc­ers and the gears. Each of these parts helps the oth­ers to per­form cor­rect­ly so the M‑6i can work efficiently.

The ser­vo motors, part num­ber A06B-0123-B175, A06B-0371-B175 and A06B-0113-B075, direct pow­er from the pow­er sup­ply to the gears of the robot so that it can move. These ser­vo­mo­tors have the abil­i­ty to receive feed­back from the rest of the robot, which allows them to adjust the pow­er and move­ment of the robot accordingly.

Anoth­er impor­tant part in the M6i’s func­tion­al­i­ty is the reduc­ers, part num­bers A97L-0218 – 0223 and A97L-0218 – 0222. The reduc­ers slow the out­put from the motors and redi­rect the out­put where it is need­ed in the robot. This helps the robot to run more effectively.

And what actu­al­ly moves the robot? Not the ser­vo­mo­tors and not the reduc­ers – no, it is the gears that actu­al­ly start the robot’s move­ment. The gears, part num­bers A290-7210-V501, A290-7210-V502, A290-7210-X511 and A290-7210-X514, get pow­er from the ser­vo­mo­tors and crank the robot to life. With­out the gears, the robot would have pow­er, but no mechan­i­cal way to get out of its crouched position.

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