The inner workings of the Fanuc R2000iA/125L Robot

If you dive deeper into the Fanuc R-2000iA series of robots, you will find some of the biggest robots constructed by Fanuc. These big, heavy payload robots can tackle a wide range of functions such as material handling and material removal.

The inner workings of the Fanuc R2000iA/125L Robot


The Fanuc R2000iA series of robots are by far some of the biggest robots constructed by Fanuc today. These heavy payload robots perform functions like material handling and material removal with the greatest of ease, even on large parts. However, it is the small parts inside the robot that make it so powerful. These small parts like the servo motors, gears, and reducers are what make it run.

The servomotors of the R2000iA-125L (part numbers A06B-0267-B605 and A06B-0235-B605) are attached to every axis of the robot to give it the ability to power the gears. These motors are equipped with amplifiers that receive feedback from other parts of the robot and help the robot run more efficiently.

The gears found in the R-2000iA 125L (part numbers A290-7324-X423, A290-7324-X425 and A290-7324-Y421) are the pieces that actually bring the robot to life. Without these vital parts, the robot would be doomed to stay stuck in its crouch for eternity.

Finally, the reducers (part numbers A97L-0218-0355, A97L-0218-0281 and A97L-0218-0370) are the parts that critically contribute to the overall functionality of the robot. The reducers direct power from the motors to the parts of the robot that need it, slowing the output and rerouting it as necessary.

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