The inner workings of the Motoman UP20 Robot

Motoman's UP20 robot is a complex robot made of several parts including the wrist assembly, timing belts, speed reducers for each axis, internal wiring, and servo motors. All of the parts of the UP-20 that work together toward the same goal and help bring an increase of productivity to your production line.

The inner workings of the Motoman UP20 Robot


The Motoman UP20 is a complex robotic system that is used in many factories around the world. The UP-20 is made up of several axes that are named (starting from the base) the S, L, U, R, B and T axes. But, without certain key components, these pieces of metal wouldn’t go anywhere. There is also the wrist assembly, timing belts, speed reducers for each axis, internal wiring, and servo motors.

The wrist assembly, part number HW9170593, is where the end-of-arm tooling for any robot is attached. This is where the EOAT gets its mobility, and it is important to have HW-917-0593 in place for the robot to perform its application properly.

Timing belts for the R, T and B, part numbers 60S4.5M414, 60S4.5M518 and 60S4.5M729 (respectively), are vital to the interworkings of the robot. These timing belts direct power from the motors to the axes to make sure they are able to move properly.

There are speed reducers on each axis: The S-axis, part number HW9381611-B; the L-axis, part number HW9381611-A; the U-axis, part number HW9280880-A; the R-axis, part number HW9380623-A; the B-axis, HW9381633-A; and the T-axis, part number HW9381631. The speed reducers basically do exactly what their name suggests – they reduce the speed of the output from the servo-motors on the robot. This makes it possible to increase the torque from each motor and help the robot to run more efficiently.

The Motoman UP 20 also has internal wiring, part numbers HW9171682-A and HW9371168-A, is integral to the entire operation of the robot. Not only does it run the power supply to the robot, but the wiring also connects the robot to its brain, the robotic controller. Without the internal wiring to direct the electricity and commands, there would be no movement.

There are also servo-motors that control the movement of each axis – the S-axis AC servomotor, part number HW9381363-A; the L-axis AC servomotor, part number HW9381717-A; the U-axis AC servomotor, part number HW9381360-A; and the R-B- and T-axes AC servomotor, part number HW9381370-A. An AC servomotor is similar to an AC motor, except it has a device to allow it to amplify and receive feedback from the other parts of the robot. These motors are critical to the rotation of the robotic axes.

As you can see, the Motoman UP-20 is a complex piece of machinery with many parts that work together toward the same goal, improving your factory’s productivity. And RobotWorx is just the robotic integrator to help you design your system using the UP 20. Whether you are interested in purchasing a Motoman UP20 robotic system, or you’re just in need of one of the above parts for your current system, RobotWorx is your one stop shop. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.