The inner workings of the Motoman UP20 Robot

Sep 26, 2013

Motoman's UP20 robot is a complex robot made of several parts including the wrist assembly, timing belts, speed reducers for each axis, internal wiring, and servo motors. All of the parts of the UP-20 that work together toward the same goal and help bring an increase of productivity to your production line.


The Motoman UP20 is a com­plex robot­ic sys­tem that is used in many fac­to­ries around the world. The UP-20 is made up of sev­er­al axes that are named (start­ing from the base) the S, L, U, R, B and T axes. But, with­out cer­tain key com­po­nents, these pieces of met­al wouldn’t go any­where. There is also the wrist assem­bly, tim­ing belts, speed reduc­ers for each axis, inter­nal wiring, and ser­vo motors.

The wrist assem­bly, part num­ber HW9170593, is where the end-of-arm tool­ing for any robot is attached. This is where the EOAT gets its mobil­i­ty, and it is impor­tant to have HW-9170593 in place for the robot to per­form its appli­ca­tion properly.

Tim­ing belts for the R, T and B, part num­bers 60S4.5M414, 60S4.5M518 and 60S4.5M729 (respec­tive­ly), are vital to the inter­work­ings of the robot. These tim­ing belts direct pow­er from the motors to the axes to make sure they are able to move properly.

There are speed reduc­ers on each axis: The S‑axis, part num­ber HW9381611‑B; the L‑axis, part num­ber HW9381611‑A; the U‑axis, part num­ber HW9280880‑A; the R‑axis, part num­ber HW9380623‑A; the B‑axis, HW9381633‑A; and the T‑axis, part num­ber HW9381631. The speed reduc­ers basi­cal­ly do exact­ly what their name sug­gests – they reduce the speed of the out­put from the ser­vo-motors on the robot. This makes it pos­si­ble to increase the torque from each motor and help the robot to run more efficiently.

The Motoman UP 20 also has inter­nal wiring, part num­bers HW9171682‑A and HW9371168‑A, is inte­gral to the entire oper­a­tion of the robot. Not only does it run the pow­er sup­ply to the robot, but the wiring also con­nects the robot to its brain, the robot­ic con­troller. With­out the inter­nal wiring to direct the elec­tric­i­ty and com­mands, there would be no movement.

There are also ser­vo-motors that con­trol the move­ment of each axis – the S‑axis AC ser­vo­mo­tor, part num­ber HW9381363‑A; the L‑axis AC ser­vo­mo­tor, part num­ber HW9381717‑A; the U‑axis AC ser­vo­mo­tor, part num­ber HW9381360‑A; and the R‑B- and T‑axes AC ser­vo­mo­tor, part num­ber HW9381370‑A. An AC ser­vo­mo­tor is sim­i­lar to an AC motor, except it has a device to allow it to ampli­fy and receive feed­back from the oth­er parts of the robot. These motors are crit­i­cal to the rota­tion of the robot­ic axes.

As you can see, the Motoman UP-20 is a com­plex piece of machin­ery with many parts that work togeth­er toward the same goal, improv­ing your factory’s pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. And Robots​.com is just the robot­ic inte­gra­tor to help you design your sys­tem using the UP 20. Whether you are inter­est­ed in pur­chas­ing a Motoman UP20 robot­ic sys­tem, or you’re just in need of one of the above parts for your cur­rent sys­tem, Robots​.com is your one stop shop. Con­tact us today online or at 8777626881.

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