The internal complexity of the Motoman SK6

The Motoman SK6 robot is a handling robot that brings greater productivity on your production line. The parts of the SK6 robot, such as the speed reducer, the drive unit, the servo motor, the wrist unit, and the internal wiring, all work together to create a seamless system. RobotWorx has all of these robots and parts in stock to help bring your production line greater speeds and overall productivity.

The internal complexity of the Motoman SK6


The Motoman SK6 robot is one of the Motoman handling robots that can work with a variety of different materials. Like many other robots in the Motoman robotic lineup, this robot improves productivity for manufacturers because of the many parts that work together in the system. These parts are the speed reducers, the drive unit, the servo motors, the wrist unit and the internal wiring.

Unlike some other models in the Motoman line, the SK-6 robot only has three reducers, opposed to having one on every axis. These speed reducers, part numbers HW9280631-A and HW9280632-A, slow down the output from the motors on the S, L, U, and R axes, while increasing the torque to those motors.

The servomotors in the S, L, U and R axes, part numbers HW9380948-A, HW9380949-A and HW9380936-A, are the motors that make the robot run. These motors help the robot arm function much like a human arm, with six degrees of freedom. The R-axis drive unit, HW9370833-A, has a similar function, working as a drive train to the upper part of the robot arm.

The wrist unit, part number HW9171174-A, is an integral part of the SK 6 robot from Motoman. The wrist unit is the place where the manufacturer will attach several different kinds of end effectors that can perform different material handling tasks. Without the wrist, this would not be possible.

Finally, the Motoman SK 6 has internal wiring, part numbers HW9170963-A and HW9370827-A, that connect the robot to the controller and the power supply, giving the robot power and instructions to complete its functions.

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