The internal parts that move the Fanuc R2000iB/165F

Sep 13, 2023

The Fanuc R-2000iB/165F robot can work with a variety of part sizes once the combination of all of its parts work together, including the servomotors, speed reducers, and gears. The R-2000iB/165F robot can handle a wide range of applications such as assembly, palletizing, or packaging.


Mate­r­i­al han­dling appli­ca­tions are some of the most com­mon appli­ca­tions used in the man­u­fac­tur­ing indus­try today. Whether it is assem­bly, pal­letiz­ing, or pack­ag­ing, busi­ness­es all over the world have auto­mat­ed these appli­ca­tions to improve their productivity.

One robot mod­el, the Fanuc R2000iB/​165F, is often uti­lized for these tasks because of its abil­i­ty to work with a vari­ety of part sizes. How­ev­er, it is the inter­nal parts of the R2000ib 165F – the ser­vo­mo­tors, speed reduc­ers, and gears — that make all this motion possible.

The R2000iB-165F’s ser­vo­mo­tors — part num­bers A06B-0238-B605 and A06B-0041-B605—are locat­ed on the robot axes. These motors are equipped with ampli­fiers that col­lect feed­back from the robot. This feed­back con­tributes to the motion con­trol of the robot overall.

It is not just the ser­vo­mo­tors that con­tribute to the robot’s func­tion­al­i­ty. These motors are paired with speed reduc­ers — part num­bers A97L-0218 – 0386, A97L-0218 – 0385, A97L-0218 – 0384, A97L-0218 – 0383, and A97L-0218 – 0382—which slow down the out­put from the motors and redi­rect the pow­er to areas where it is need­ed. This process is crit­i­cal to the robot’s functions.

The ser­vo­mo­tors and speed reduc­ers work to move the gears (part num­bers A290-7324-Z423, A290-7324-Z425, and A290-7329-X421). The gears are vital to the motion of the robot. With­out the gears, no part of the robot would move, and it would be unable to per­form its appli­ca­tion tasks.

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