The internal parts that move the Fanuc R2000iB/165F

The Fanuc R-2000iB/165F robot can work with a variety of part sizes once the combination of all of its parts work together, including the servomotors, speed reducers, and gears. The R-2000iB/165F robot can handle a wide range of applications such as assembly, palletizing, or packaging.

The internal parts that move the Fanuc R2000iB/165F


Material handling applications are some of the most common applications used in the manufacturing industry today. Whether it is assembly, palletizing, or packaging, businesses all over the world have automated these applications to improve their productivity.

One robot model, the Fanuc R2000iB/165F, is often utilized for these tasks because of its ability to work with a variety of part sizes. However, it is the internal parts of the R2000ib 165F – the servomotors, speed reducers, and gears -- that make all this motion possible.

The R2000iB-165F’s servomotors—part numbers A06B-0238-B605 and A06B-0041-B605—are located on the robot axes. These motors are equipped with amplifiers that collect feedback from the robot. This feedback contributes to the motion control of the robot overall.

It is not just the servomotors that contribute to the robot’s functionality. These motors are paired with speed reducers—part numbers A97L-0218-0386, A97L-0218-0385, A97L-0218-0384, A97L-0218-0383, and A97L-0218-0382—which slow down the output from the motors and redirect the power to areas where it is needed. This process is critical to the robot’s functions.

The servomotors and speed reducers work to move the gears (part numbers A290-7324-Z423, A290-7324-Z425, and A290-7329-X421). The gears are vital to the motion of the robot. Without the gears, no part of the robot would move, and it would be unable to perform its application tasks.

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