The internal workings of the Motoman SV3

The Motoman SV3XL is capable of welding and material handling. The SV3XL brings a long reach, speed reducers, and internal wiring to help reduce maintenance costs and improve the performance on the production line.

The internal workings of the Motoman SV3


Like the Motoman SV3X, the Motoman SV3XL is a robot that is capable of not only welding or material handling, but both. However, the Motoman SV3XL is the long reach model of the robot, which means that it has different internal workings than its sister, the SV-3X. But, like her sister robot, the SV3XL still runs by a system of motors, speed reducers and internal wiring.

The AC servomotors on the SV3-XL, part numbers HW9381586-A, HW9381587-A and HW9381589-A, are found on the S, L, U, R, B, and T axes of the robot. These servomotors are equipped with amplifiers that send and receive feedback from other parts of the robot, allowing the motors to adjust accordingly so the robot can move in a more efficient way.

Speed reducers in the SV 3XL are similar to those in the sister robot, part numbers HW9381283-A, HW9381284-A, HW9381285-A, HW9381225-A, HW9381226-A and HW9381227-A. These speed reducers are able to slow the output from the motors and reroute the energy where needed during the robotic application. They are found on every axis of the robot.

Finally, the internal wiring is essential to the operation of the Motoman SV-3XL. The wiring, part numbers HW9171589-A, HW9271096-B, and HW9270889-B, direct the power and the programming information from the power supply and the robot controller, respectfully, and carry it through the robot.

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