The Long Reach of the Motoman MA3120 Robot

The Motoman MA3120 robot brings an extended 3,121mm horizontal reach to the production line. This robot will reduce the need for welding tracks and can improve the overall work envelope. If you are looking for a top quality long reach robot, look no further than the Motoman MA3120 robot.

The Long Reach of the Motoman MA3120 Robot


One of the most important things to consider when planning out your robotic welding system is reach. Sometimes, you need a welding robot that has a longer reach, and this requires a special robot model, like the Motoman MA3120.

The Motoman MA 3120 has the longest robot arm on the market today that is designed specifically for welding. According to Motoman, this robot reduces the need for welding tracks for robots to move on across to floor. These tracks can increase reach for standard robots, but with the MA-3120, that isn’t necessary. With a 3,121mm horizontal reach, there are few things that could improve upon this robot’s stretched abilities.

However, Motoman has indeed improved this model over its MA3100 sibling. The MA 3120 not only has a longer reach, but it is also able to carry twice the payload of the previous model and it has an improved through arm wrist that is designed for arc welding. This through arm design protects cables and wires, cutting down on maintenance costs over the life of the robot.

Motoman stated that the MA 3120 is perfectly suited for work cells that work with larger pieces, but it is also has a slim design that is able to fit into tight spots, and it can even cut down on fixturing interference.

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