The Makeup of a Good Robot System

Jan 20, 2015

Understanding your specific manufacturing needs is an important step to integrating a good robotic system. Once you understand your automation needs it is time to pick out a robot, a controller, a teach pendant, a dress package for the robot, a positioner, and a safety package. Each one of these parts is important in successfully installing and running an automation system on your production line.


If you are a man­u­fac­tur­er who wants to take your company’s process­es to the next lev­el, you should con­sid­er invest­ing in at least one good robot sys­tem for your facil­i­ty, if not more. Robot sys­tems are made up of one or more robots, a con­troller, a teach pen­dant, a dress pack­age for the robot, a posi­tion­er and a safe­ty pack­age. Each one of these parts have their own impor­tant jobs when it comes to improv­ing your appli­ca­tion with auto­mat­ed skill.

First and fore­most for the sys­tem, the robot. The robot can come from top com­pa­nies like ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Uni­ver­sal Robots, or KUKA, but you have to make sure you are get­ting one with enough reach and enough pay­load capa­bil­i­ty to hand your appli­ca­tion. You also want to make sure the robot sys­tem has a good pow­er sup­ply, as well as a com­pat­i­ble and user-friend­ly teach pen­dant and con­troller. With­out this brain,” the robot would be lit­tle more than a met­al statue.

Once you have the teach pen­dant, con­troller and robot down, you need to fig­ure out what kind of set­up you want for your robot. Do you want sta­tion­ary tables with inter­lock­ing doors? Do you want a 180 degree index­ing table or a fer­ris wheel posi­tion­er? These are all impor­tant choic­es when it comes to ensur­ing that your robot­ic sys­tem will pro­vide you with its top qual­i­ty, per­for­mance and capability.

Final­ly, the safe­ty pack­age comes into play – an impor­tant part of the robot­ic sys­tem puz­zle, indeed. Light cur­tains, pres­sure mats, lock­ing doors, fenc­ing and auto­mat­ic stop but­tons are just a few of the safe­ty prod­ucts avail­able for your robot sys­tem. There are even robots that are able to slow down and/​or stop using col­li­sion detec­tion sensors.

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