The Motoman DX200 Controller

The controllers for the robotic system act as a brain, helping to control the robot and its arm. Motoman's DX200 controller offers the power to coordinate motion between up to 8 robots and 72 axes. The DX200 controller can bring a boost in your productivity, efficiency, and overall programming ease.

The Motoman DX200 Controller


A robot arm moves in a way similar to a human arm, working to perform a task. However, without a brain, the human arm is unable to receive the information necessary to perform that process. For Motoman robots, the controller is much like the brain of the robot system – and the Motoman DX200 is one of the more powerful “brains” on the market.

The DX200 controller is from the newer generation of Motoman controllers, which means it has the power to coordinate motion between several robots and lower integration costs, according to Motoman Robotics. Because it can control up to 8 robots or 72 axes, it also improves the productivity of robotic line, as well as the flexibility of the application being performed. These advantages alone will improve the overall production time for a line and get products out to customers quicker.

However, the advantages of the DX-200 Motoman controller do not stop there. This controller also is friendly not only to the environment by being energy efficient, but it is also time-friendly for the manufacturer. The teach pendant for the DX 200 has Windows programming, which makes the interface more familiar for operators, and the advanced robot motion control helps to minimize the time needed for training. This means that with the DX 200 Motoman controller, manufacturers can cut down on the training time needed between integration and start of production to almost nothing.

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