The Motoman MH50 II Robot


When you’re thinking about adding a robot to your production line, versatility is a key consideration. Motoman Robotics has several versatile robots on the market, including the MH50 II, a robot that has the ability to perform several different applications at high speeds with a variety of payload options.

For the Motoman MH 50 II, variety is truly the name of the game. As mentioned above, this robot has several different payload options, as well as different reach options. This means that the MH50II can be used for many different applications, including coatingdispensingmachine tending, material cuttingmaterial handling and press tending. Its ability to be mounted to a ceiling, wall, shelf or floor also helps manufacturers find a way to fit the MH50 II into their production line with ease.

However, versatility is not where the advantages stop for the MH 50 II. This model is a powerful, high-speed robot, with a wide work envelope. And, even though it has a wide work envelope, it has a small interference zones, which allow it to be placed closer to already existing work stations or machines. The small footprint is a great space saver for companies as well.

All in all, the Motoman MH50 II will increase the productivity of your line without causing too much hassle during integration, and its versatility may even save you on extra equipment costs.

Are you interested in learning more about the MH-50II from Motoman? If so, you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics. Our staff will work with you to help you find all of the right features for your Motoman system, and get you out the door with the best price available.

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