The Motoman MRC Teach Pendant

Motoman robots begun their teach pendants with the Motoman MRC. The MRC was the first of its kind in many areas.


Every his­to­ry has to start some­where. For Motoman Robot­ics, the his­to­ry of their teach pen­dants begins with the Motoman MRC teach pen­dant. While it is not the first teach pen­dant Motoman had, it was the first in many areas.

Intro­duced in 1994, the MRC teach pen­dant, part num­bers JZNC-MPP10E, JZNC-MPP20E, and JZNC-MPP22E, was ahead of its time. It was the first robot teach pen­dant that could syn­chro­nize two robots from one pen­dant. Made for the SK series, the JZNCMPP10E MRC Motoman teach pen­dant was able to help increase the robot’s work­load by 300 per­cent. It could also con­trol more axes than the pre­vi­ous teach pen­dant, the Motoman ERC.

Along with those fea­tures, the Motoman MRC JZNCMPP20E teach pen­dant also intro­duced new func­tions to the robot, includ­ing mul­ti-task­ing, ser­vo-float and S‑move. Anoth­er inter­est­ing improve­ment was the abil­i­ty to edit robot jobs through an actu­al PC, some­thing unheard of before.

All in all, the Motoman JZNCMPP22E MRC teach pen­dant was Motoman’s push toward the future of their robot­ics, the first in a mul­ti­tude of steps to get where they are today.

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Sep 19, 2013