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Motoman MRC Controller

Product Information

The Motoman MRC controller and teach pendant has upgraded performance and reliability as it uses a high-performance 32-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture. This industrial-proven technology increases the computational speed of the MRC, which allows it to control up to 21 axes and reduces instruction processing and motion interpolation times.

The MRC teach pendant features a 40 character by 12 line display that is backlit for ease of viewing. All teaching operations can be performed on the pendant. The popular guide method was adopted for operation. The direct open key allows for one touch display of information.

There are a variety of newer, more advanced controllers now available including the XRCNX100, and/or DX100 . 


Up to 21 digital, AC servo motors, including two robots, can be controlled from a single MRC controller

Ergonomical, friendly programming pendant with 12-line/40-character LCD display, and 7 application-specific overlays

Inform II programming language

Part Numbers:

MRC Pendant: JZNC-MPP20E

MRC Pendant with Dead Man Switch: JZNC-MPP21E

(5) 32-bit RISC and (3) 16-bit CISC microprocessors