The Necessity of Material Removal Robots

Material removal robots are imperative for the manufacturing environment today. Pieces and parts would not be properly formed without various arrays of the material removal robots. One of the most common material removal processes is cutting to help create the perfect product shape.

The Necessity of Material Removal Robots


Material removal is probably one of the most used and necessary group of robotic applications available for manufacturing today. While welding and material handling applications are necessary for moving things down the line or piecing them together, the pieces themselves would not be formed without the various array of different material removal applications available for robot systems to perform.

Cutting is one of the most common of all the material removal processes. Any work piece will more than likely have to be cut at one point or another to make it the right approximate shape for whatever product it will become. This piece could get pressed in a mold or welded to another piece or even fit together by an assembly robot, but it was that material removal robot that first had to cut the piece and send it down the line.

But it isn’t all front of the line work for material removal robots – they’re performing important processes at the end of the line too. Material removal robotic systems are deburring products to make sure that there are no sharp or other imperfections on the piece, and polishing robots work to take off all of the grease and other grime that may get on a product during production. These robotic material removers are there to improve the aesthetic of a piece. If a piece looks good, and all the pieces are properly cut and assembled, that is half the battle, and most of that battle was performed by robot material removers.

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