The New Collaborative Robot by Motoman- The HC10

The Human Collaborative 10 (HC10) is the first collaborative available from Yaskawa Motoman. The HC10 offers the ability for humans and robots to collaborate and work together without any safety fences or barriers. It is also equipped with multiple sensors and advanced software to help improve the accuracy and overall productivity.

The New Collaborative Robot by Motoman- The HC10

Yaskawa Motoman recently introduced the prototype of the first collaborative robot, the Human Collaborative 10 (HC10), to be available to the entire world!

Typically, industrial robots are placed behind curtains, fencing, or other barriers as they move with a lot of power and force that could injure a human worker. However, robotics manufacturers, such as Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, and ABB, are realizing the advantage of collaborative robots for certain applications and industries, and so is the entire globe. The collaborative market and demand are becoming so popular that this industry of robots is now expected to grow from $95 million in 2015 to $1 billion in 2020!

So what is a collaborative robot? The collaborative robot was designed with multiple advanced sensors, software, and EOATs that work together to help avoid injuries/damages. These robots also no longer require safety cages or barriers; human workers and collaborative machines can safely and effectively work together in an un-caged environment.

The Motoman HC10 brings all of the above and more. The HC10 is a 6-axis robot that can handle up to 10kg payload, has a 1200 mm reach, is floor mounted, and comes with the new YRC 1000 controller. The internal cable routing and wiring helps to guarantee a high degree of reliability with minimal interference contours.

The HC10 was designed to specifically avoid pinch points and dangerous sharp edges with its blue rubber skin suit to further protect humans.

It addition, it has a very sophisticated force/torque sensor in each axis to allow for a flexible interaction between the robot arm and its environment. This Power and Force Limit technology will monitor force in each joint and adjust accordingly. If any contact with an operator is detected, the robot can stop immediately.

The installation of the HC10 couldn’t possibly get any easier as there are no additional protective measures required (space saving!) and it is suitable for a range of workstations.

If things aren’t good enough already, Motoman developed an Easy Teaching Smart HUB software to make the HC10 ridiculously easy to program and use. This software allows the robot arm positions and gripper operation to be guided by an operator and registered.

Overall, the HC10 is one robot you can’t pass up on. It will bring your production line flexibility, cost savings, space savings, and more! Please contact RobotWorx online or by phone at 877-762-6881. Our experts are eager to increase the quality and ROI on your production line with the Motoman HC10! We are take pride in our customer service and are committed to a free robot training and a warranty to help guarantee customer satisfaction.

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