The New Motoman GP Series- High Speed Material Handling Robots

The Motoman GP series includes the GP7, GP8, and GP12 robots. These robots will bring your production line higher speeds and amazing efficiency. The robots offer users a very slim design and flexible mounting options helping to save on your floor space.

The New Motoman GP Series- High Speed Material Handling Robots


Masters at material handling, the Motoman GP series is ready to conquer your application and increase your total productivity. The robots in this series (GP 7, GP 8, and GP 12) offer high speeds and amazing efficiency. Additionally, all of the robots have a compact, slim design, a small footprint.

These robots were designed with the customer in mind; they honor your time and also provide you with easy set-up, operation, and maintenance. In addition, all of the robots in the GP series offer the following characteristics:

High Speeds:

The new Sigma 7 motors built by Yaskawa bring the robot speed to the top of its class.

Flexible Mounting Options:

There are versatile mounting options such as floor, ceiling, and wall, providing your application ultimate flexibility.

Reduced Interference Radius:

The GP series have wrist structures with great environment resistance. They can also reach deep into the work space while also being easily placed next to other robots.

The reduced interference radius when the S-axis is turning is evident when comparing the Motoman MH5(L)S II and the GP7/8. The former model MH5(L)S II has an interference radius of 182 mm. The new GP7 and GP8 have an interference radius of 140 mm.

The reduced interference radius when the wrist is turning is also shown by comparing these models. The former model, Motoman MH5S II, has an interference radius of 73 mm and the new model G7 and G8 has an interference radius of 67 mm.

The wrist structure of R, B, and T axes on the GP12 are IP67-compliant as a standard specification. The wrist strcture of S, L, and U axes are IP54-compliant (option IP65). The GP 12 Minimized interference radius of the wrist MH12 (earlier model) is 136 mm; the GP12 offers 120 mm.

Easy Installation:

Installation, set-up, and maintenance are also a breeze as there is only one cable needed to connect the manipulator and controller. This amounts to a more efficient installation process, overall operation, and maintenance of equipment. The Motoman GP series robots are paired with the YRC1000 controller.

Simple Cleaning:

Cleaning and integration will be a breeze with the GP series. They have an easy-to-clean surface that is IP67 rated making them easy to clean, ready for use in harsh environments, and resistant to dust and coolants.

Compact Design:

They have the best accessibility in their class. These robots have a slim, straight, compact, and symmetrical arm design that requires minimum installation space and minimizes interference with peripheral devices, even in small spaces. Additionally, the manipulator cable can be connected on the bottom, instead of the side, which also helps to reduce interference with walls.

Large Work Envelope:

The work envelope for these robots is large. They have an increased maximum reach and horizontal reach that enables the robots to operate in wider work areas.

Great Versatility:

Additionally, there are many different work pieces and grippers that can be transferred and mounted with 7kg/8kg payloads and 38% greater allowable moment. The speeds have also increased by 39% on all axes. The acceleration/deceleration control has been improved to achieve maximum reduction of acceleration/deceleration times for all robot postures. There is also a data saving feature that replaces the wire harness in the robot without having to connect to a battery.


Each robot has varying payloads and reaches to best accommodate a variety of industrial needs. The GP 7 provides 7 kg payload and 927 mm reach. The Motoman GP8 offers an 8 kg payload and 727 mm reach. The Motoman GP12 is a material handling workhorse! The GP12 is the world's highest speed robot in its class. It has an amazing work envelope with a 12 kg payload and 1440 mm reach. Gives the customer a slim design, compact nature, and ability to work close and deep into work spaces.

Watch the Motoman GP8 in action, working incredibly efficiently at high speeds, in a polishing cell!

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You can now see why you won't need to look any further for the perfect solution to your material handling application. It reduces the time required for start-up and maintenance of equipment. The GP-series was designed to enhance efficiency in installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment. It also succeeded in globalizing the equipment. The GP series was specifically designed to increase productivity, offer the highest payloads, speeds, and wrist allowable moment in its class.

You can see that this new Motoman GP-Series is truly a cutting-edge robot system that provides smart solutions for production site issues. These robots are sure to meet the diversified needs of its customers with a wide range of functions and components that boosts overall productivity and work efficiency. After reading all of the amazing attributes, it is evident that the GP-series provides the perfect compact solution that offers a total solution.

Superior performance is only a call away. We want our customer’s to feel happy and confident in their new purchase, so we offer the RobotWorx Value Package with every robotic system. Call us today at 750-240-4312, or contact us online, so we can discuss how you are going to improve your automation line with one of the robots from the GP series.

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