The new parallel robots from Fanuc – the M-2iA series

Fanuc is a global leader in industrial robotic automation, this is seen with their parallel-linked M-2iA robot series. This series consists of four medium parallel robots that were specifically designed for applications such as high-speed picking and assembly.

The new parallel robots from Fanuc – the M-2iA series


Fanuc, a world leader in robotic automation, has been at the forefront of parallel-linked robot technology for many years. That tradition continues with the M-2iA series, a series of four medium parallel robots that are designed for applications like high-speed picking and assembly.

There are four models available in the M2iA series, including the M-2iA/3S, the M-2iA/6H, the M-2iA/3SL and the M-2iA/6HL. Each model in the series presents the consumer with a range of different degrees of freedom, as well as differing operating spaces, according to the Fanuc website. The M2iA/3S has four axes of freedom and a 3kg payload, while the M2iA/6H only has three axes, because it lacks a rotating axis, but also has a 6kg payload. The M2iA/3SL and M2iA/6HL are similar to the other models with their payload capacity, but they offer the customer a wider reach and operating area.

So, why invest in a parallel robot from the M 2iA series by Fanuc? Well, the robot has the ability to adapt to many different tasks and materials, especially in areas like the food industry where products can change on a weekly or monthly basis. These robots are able pick at a much higher rate than any manual picking or sorting application. They can also be outfitted with vision and force sensors to make them even more reliable and precise on the production line.

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