The Nitty Gritty of the Motoman SK120

The SK120 by Motoman is a six axis robot that plays a key role on the production line for a variety of applications. All of the parts come together to create a masterpiece, including the six axes are the S, L, U, B, R and T axes, the wrist unit, the servo motors, the speed reducers, and the internal wiring of the robot.

The Nitty Gritty of the Motoman SK120


Industrial robots play a key role in the manufacturing of many, if not all, consumer goods today. We know what they make, but what are they made of? Essentially, robots, like the SK120 by Motoman, are made up of six axes. For Motoman, those six axes are the S, L, U, B, R and T axes. But, what makes those pieces of metal move together as a functional arm and wrist? That would be the wrist unit, the speed reducers, the servo motors and the internal wiring of the robot.

The wrist unit, part numbers HW91711167-A, HW9171167-B and HW9171167-1, of the Motoman SK120 robot is critical. As a robot that can be used for material handling or welding, the wrist is important because it is where the end effectors are attached, which make the job possible.

When it comes to the speed reducers of the SK-120, part numbers HW9380957-A, HW9380928-A, HW9380956-A, HW9381021-A, HW9381181-A and HW9380958-A, are attached to the S, L, U and R axes of the robot. These speed reducers slow down the output of the motor, while increasing the torque of the motor to improve efficiency.

So, what makes the SK 120 from Motoman run? That would be the AC servo motors, part numbers HW9380963-A and HW9380964-A. The servomotors work with an amplifier that sends and receives feedback from different parts of the robot. This helps the motors decide the rate that the robot should move.

Last, but definitely not least for the Motoman SK-120, is the internal wiring, part numbers HW9171188-A and HW9171019-A. The internal wiring of the robot is what connects the robot not only to the power supply that allows the robot to be in motion, but it also connects the Motoman SK120 to the robot controller, the brain of the robot.

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