The Nitty Gritty of the Motoman SK120

Sep 26, 2013

The SK120 by Motoman is a six axis robot that plays a key role on the production line for a variety of applications. All of the parts come together to create a masterpiece, including the six axes are the S, L, U, B, R and T axes, the wrist unit, the servo motors, the speed reducers, and the internal wiring of the robot.


Indus­tri­al robots play a key role in the man­u­fac­tur­ing of many, if not all, con­sumer goods today. We know what they make, but what are they made of? Essen­tial­ly, robots, like the SK120 by Motoman, are made up of six axes. For Motoman, those six axes are the S, L, U, B, R and T axes. But, what makes those pieces of met­al move togeth­er as a func­tion­al arm and wrist? That would be the wrist unit, the speed reduc­ers, the ser­vo motors and the inter­nal wiring of the robot.

The wrist unit, part num­bers HW91711167‑A, HW9171167‑B and HW91711671, of the Motoman SK120 robot is crit­i­cal. As a robot that can be used for mate­r­i­al han­dling or weld­ing, the wrist is impor­tant because it is where the end effec­tors are attached, which make the job possible.

When it comes to the speed reduc­ers of the SK-120, part num­bers HW9380957‑A, HW9380928‑A, HW9380956‑A, HW9381021‑A, HW9381181‑A and HW9380958‑A, are attached to the S, L, U and R axes of the robot. These speed reduc­ers slow down the out­put of the motor, while increas­ing the torque of the motor to improve efficiency.

So, what makes the SK120 from Motoman run? That would be the AC ser­vo motors, part num­bers HW9380963‑A and HW9380964‑A. The ser­vo­mo­tors work with an ampli­fi­er that sends and receives feed­back from dif­fer­ent parts of the robot. This helps the motors decide the rate that the robot should move.

Last, but def­i­nite­ly not least for the Motoman SK120, is the inter­nal wiring, part num­bers HW9171188‑A and HW9171019‑A. The inter­nal wiring of the robot is what con­nects the robot not only to the pow­er sup­ply that allows the robot to be in motion, but it also con­nects the Motoman SK120 to the robot con­troller, the brain of the robot.

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