The part makeup of the Motoman UP200 robot

Sep 26, 2013

The UP200 Motoman robot needs to be maintain regularly to perform at its highest potential. The parts such as timing belts and speed reducers are all available at


Robots like the Motoman UP200 have to be main­tained reg­u­lar­ly so they will con­tin­ue to func­tion prop­er­ly. There are some parts, like tim­ing belts, speed reduc­ers and wrist unit that may need to be replaced due to fre­quent use, and the dri­ve unit, made up on of the ser­vo­mo­tors and the inter­nal wiring, that may only need parts rarely.

The UP-200 has tim­ing belts, locat­ed on the R, B and T axes, part num­bers 200S8M976, 200S8M800 and 200S8M656. These tim­ing belts uti­lize the gears in the robot to assist in the flu­id­i­ty of the robot­ic motion, which is cru­cial to the functionality.

Speed reduc­ers are found on every axis of the UP 200 robot: the S‑axis, HW9381388‑A; the L‑axis, HW9381442‑B; the U‑axis, HW9381465‑C; the R‑axis, HW9381260‑A; the B‑axis, HW9381453‑A and the T‑axis, HW9381529‑A. Reduc­ers slow the pow­er com­ing into the axes motors and direct it to the areas it is needed.

The Motoman UP 200 also has a wrist unit, part num­ber HW9171561‑A, which is anoth­er impor­tant part that con­tributes to the func­tion­al­i­ty of the robot. This unit guides the robot end effec­tor through the application.

The final impor­tant parts of the robot make up the dri­ve unit, the ser­vo­mo­tors – part num­bers HW9381382‑A, HW9381536‑A, HW9380938‑A, HW9381261‑A and HW9381368‑A – and the inter­nal wiring, part num­ber HW9171473‑A. The dri­ve unit uses the motors to move the robot. With­out the wiring to direct the pow­er to the robot, and the motors to con­trol the motion of the robot, the robot would not be able to operate.

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