The possibilities for future robotics

Future industrial robots can successfully tackle a wide range of applications. As technology and research continues to improve, so does the efficiency, speed, and productivity of the industrial robots. Manufacturers ranging from the agriculture industry to the space industry can all benefit from the integration of automation systems.

The possibilities for future robotics


When industrial robots first debuted in the 1960s with the Unimate, researchers saw many possibilities for their future. Over the years, these robots have evolved into machines that can paint, weld, handle material and remove material, along with an entire host of other applications. This new generation of researchers look to the robotics from the old generation to find ways for robots to help the world outside of the factory.

Agriculture is one of the areas where robotics is really starting to take off. The possibilities for robotic applications on a farm, while seeming out of place, are pretty endless. Researchers are designing robots that are able to harvest fruit and vegetables in a fraction of the time that human workers can do the same task. Why is this so important? The longer the fruits and vegetables take to harvest, the more of an opportunity for them to spoil. When crops spoil in the field or on trucks because of the slow harvesting process, farmers lose money. The possibility of a robotic harvester is good for farmers because it will mean they will get more money out of their crops for the year.

While agriculture robots are about as close to the Earth as you can get, some robotic possibilities are a little more out of this world – literally. NASA and space organizations in other countries are developing robots that can take the place of astronauts in space. This possibility may be closer than you think. Some robots, like the Mars Rover, have already been used to explore far away planets and galaxies. With robotic astronauts, exploration of other far away worlds may become more of a reality in the future.

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