The three P's of material handling robotics

Palletizing, packaging, and part transfer robots are able to successfully tackle a wide range of material handling applications. These material handling tasks are tedious, dull, and time consuming, so integrating an automation system will help take over these tasks from human workers. Overall, automating palletizing, packaging, and part transfer production line will help to bring faster speeds and safety levels while also decreasing the overall product costs.

The three P's of material handling robotics


There are many different functions that material handling robots can perform, but three of the most common are palletizing, packaging and part transfer. Many material handling functions are tedious, dull and time consuming for human workers. Several of them, including palletizing and part transfer, which may require heavy lifting, can also be injury-inducing. These applications, once solely performed by humans, are now being automated with material handling robotic systems to increase production speed and safety levels while driving down company costs.


Manufacturing, food processing and shipping industries need palletizing robots to effectively move their products off the line and out to consumers. Palletizing robots can move a case in one minute or less, which cuts time in half, while also stacking cases six layers high, something human workers are unable to do at such a quick pace. This is just one of the many examples of why manufacturers are switching from manual applications to a material handling robot.


Industries flock to packaging robots because of the technology available to handle quality control. These material handling robotic systems can make sure that orders are packaged correctly, with fewer errors and at a faster pace, saving the manufacturer money.

Part transfer:

When factories need to move parts from one conveyor or one table to another, they look toward a part transfer robot to meet their production needs. A part transfer robot has the accuracy and precision that a human worker will not have, and parts can be moved faster and easier with this automated material handling system.

The three P’s are just a few of the material handling applications that RobotWorx works with on a daily basis. We offer both new and reconditioned robots. All of our robot systems come with the RobotWorx Value Package. All used robots undergo a rigorous reconditioning process to restore.

For more information on material handling automation, contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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