They Can Take The Heat - Foundry Robots

A foundry robot can work in hazardous conditions without being damaged or effected. They help to remove humans form the harmful environment and hazardous materials that are present during this application. Foundry robots are up to the heat challenge and help to successfully complete a wide range of tasks in a more productive and efficient manner.

They Can Take The Heat - Foundry Robots


A foundry is type of factory that melts and forms metal into different shapes and forms. Because foundries deal with melted metals, it is often a hot and dangerous environment for human workers, which is why robots are perfect for the job. Foundry robots are able to work in this hazardous environments without being affected by the conditions.

Humans have worked in foundries for decades. Unfortunately, the human body is susceptible to all kinds of issues that go along with high heat environments, like burns, heat stroke and exhaustion. Companies have developed robots that have special coatings and are able to work in this kinds of environments, allowing human workers to move to less hazardous conditions in the factory.

When robots are able to take over for foundry workers, the health level in the factory should improve overall, as should the productivity of the shop. Because of the conditions, workers may move slower in the hot conditions, which is not an issue for foundry robotic systems. Robots made for foundries are able to work at top performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that they don’t need vacations or sick time, and manufacturers do not face the same possible slowdowns or production interruptions that might be common with human workers in a foundry environment.

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