Three types of robotic systems

There are three main types of automation systems when considering adding robots to your production line. They are the manipulation robotic system, the mobile robotic system, and the data acquisition and control robotic system. All of these help to reduce the amount of labor and production costs associated with the manufacturing process.

Three types of robotic systems


Robotic systems are a way of automating manufacturing applications while reducing the amount of labor and production costs and time associated with the process. These systems are used in almost every manufacturing industry today.

While manual labor has dominated in manufacturing for centuries, it is the robotic system that revolutionized the process. Manufacturers are now able to produce a superior-quality product in a reduced amount of time because of robot systems.

There are three types of robotic systems – the manipulation robotic system, the mobile robotic system and the data acquisition and control robotic system.

The manipulation robot system is the most commonly used in the manufacturing industry. These systems are made up of many of the robot arms with 4-6 axes and varying degrees of freedom. They can perform several different functions, including welding, material handling and material removal applications.

The mobile robotic system is a bit different. This system consists of an automated platform that moves items from one place to another. While these robot systems are used heavily in manufacturing for carrying tools and spare parts, they are also used in the agricultural industry for transporting products. These can also be used by several different industries because of their ability to swim and fly, as well as move along the ground.

Data acquisition and control robotic systems are used to gather, process and transmit data for a variety of signals. They are also used in software for engineering and business. Many of the mobile robotic systems can use signals from these systems.

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