Top Power Sources for Robotic Welders Offered at RobotWorx

RobotWorx takes pride in the wide selection of welding application solutions they offer their customers. Choosing the correct power source for your system is indispensable for a seamless integration. Contact RobotWorx experts today to decide on the perfect automation system and power source to enhance your welding production line.

Top Power Sources for Robotic Welders Offered at RobotWorx


Welding automation is the most popular robot application at RobotWorx. Countless customers have experienced the increase in speed, quality, and reduction in errors after purchasing a robotic welder. At RobotWorx, we are proud to offer a wide selection of robotic welders and necessary supplies to produce optimal results for your automation needs.

When choosing a robotic system, power sources are indispensable and should be a primary focus when shopping. Having the perfect power source is key for a seamless integration of a welding robot. In order to help you make the best decision in the purchase of your power source, you can first read about the popular power sources sold at RobotWorx and their parameters.

Lincoln Electric

The PowerWave technology by Lincoln Electric guarantees quality and enhances part-to-part consistency with control of the user interface. This interface is designed to present necessary information to the operator via a dashboard, in order to eliminate guess work and allow system controls to provide management; all the while being a less complex system set-up for experienced and new operators.

Lincoln Electric PowerWave R350 (paired with FANUC): Recommended for processes such as Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, and Flux-Cored. The R350 has a built-in wire feeder control and an incredibly fast arc response, both which make it especially perfect for use in robotic welding applications. It includes over 65 standard welding waveforms and can be used for GMAW at a rated output of 350A/31.5V/40%.

The R350 also converts input power to reduce operational costs and has easy ethernet accessibility to allow simple software upgrades. It can also track equipment usage, store weld data, and configure fault limits to aid in production analysis and process improvements.

Lincoln Electric PowerWave 455M (paired with FANUC) The 455M is your solution for welding thicker materials for Stick, TIG, MIG, Pulsed, STT(1) Flux-Cored, and Gouging applications. It has an output range of 5-570amps and offers over 60 standard welding waveform programs and a broad range of electrode sizes, types and shielding gas combinations to give you optimal appearance, penetration, beadshape, and travel speed for each application.

Lincoln Electric PowerWave i400 (paired with FANUC) is optimal for MIG, Pulsed-MIG, Flux-Cored, Metal-Cored, and TIG (Lift Start Only). The i400 is rated the best in class for power as it delivers an output of 5-420 for a wide range of processes and materials, with no derating for pulse waveforms.

It is keeping up with the technological advances that are happening in the automation world as it can communicate via traditional ArcLink over a CAN-based network or via ArcLink XT over an industrial Ethernet connection. This CheckPoint and Production Monitoring 2.2 allows you to use your server or our cloud-based server to view and analyze your welding data on almost any device.

Miller Auto-Axcess

The Miller Auto-Axcess platform brings the benefits of digital control technology to manufacturers who currently use analog robot control. All systems listed below have Insight Core, which is a flexible, internet-based management solution. Insight Core helps to monitor the welding process outputs to compare performances of weld operators, work groups, devices, or shifts. It will deliver the information to any web-enabled device, anywhere on the globe.

The following Miller Auto Axcess welders can perform the following: Process- Multi-MIG welding (Accu-Pulse MIG, Pulsed MIG, MIG, Metal-cored, GMAW); Manufacturing processes: Construction equipment, automotive components, recreational vehicles, farm machinery, office furniture, and mining machinery.

Miller Auto Axcess 300 (Paired with Motoman or ABB) The Axcess 300 has a rated output or 300A at 29 VDC and 60% duty cycle. The voltage range is 10-44V and auxiliary power at 120 VAC, 10 A Duplex.

Miller Auto Axcess 450 (Paired with Motoman or ABB) The 450 has a rated output of 450A at 36.5 VDC and 100% duty cycle. The voltage range is 10-44V and Auxiliary power 120 VAC, 10 A Duplex.

Miller Auto Axcess 675 (paired with Motoman or ABB) The 675 has a rated output of 675A at 38 VDC and 100% duty cycle. The voltage range is 10-44V and Auxiliary power 120 VAC, 10 A Duplex.

Fronius TransPuls

The following Fronius TransPuls are simple, fully digital, high performance, and adaptive pulse welding systems to meet your automation desires.

Fronius TransPuls Synergic 3200 CMT (paired with Motoman, FANUC, ABB) The 3200 Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) is spatter-free MIG/MAG welding as heat is inserted very briefly and metal transfer takes place with little current. It is for robotic applications using pulse welding, MIG/MAG, TIG, and electrode welding, up to 320A. It can weld sheets of 0.3mm or thicker with base metals such as aluminum, CrNi, Special metals, and steel.

Fronius TransPuls 4000 CMT (paired with Motoman, FANUC, ABB) – The 4000 CMT is the power source for short circuit, spray and pulsed arcs with an output of 400A. It is suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG, and electrode welding. The 4000 is used for industries such as automotive, component supply industry, chemical plant construction, machine and tracked vehicle manufacturing, and shipyards.

This wide variety of power sources for robotic welders is RobotWorx' way to best serve a range of needs and a variety of customers. Our team of experts will do whatever it takes to help you integrate a robotic welding system to fit your specific requirements. We strive to truly listen to your needs in order to help your company produce the best ROI on your robotic system. At RobotWorx, we are constantly offering specials on robotic welding packages, so contact us online or by phone at 740-251-4312.

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