Trimming Down the Choices of Trimming Robot Software

Industrial robots are very efficient with jobs such as routing and waterjet cutting when they use trimming robot software. Robot arms make the entire cutting process easier, quicker, and safer.

Trimming Down the Choices of Trimming Robot Software


While a robot might not be the ideal employee at a hair salon, when they are equipped with the right software, they can certainly perform a nice trimming job. Many of the common trimming operations, such as routing and waterjet cutting, are made easy and efficient with trimming robot software.

Motoman offers their Points Importer EG software to create robot programs from CAD data. It is especially useful when curved parts are used in waterjet cutting, grinding, or deburring. This software converts XML files into robot JBI files.

Fanuc teamed up with KMT Robotic Solutions to develop complementary software tools. TrimPro is an offline CAD-to-path software solution. The user can easily import CAD part models to create a simulated work cell before trimming and cutting begins. AccuFind is a combination of software with hardware to be used on parts that have changed their shapes over the course of time. AccuFind uses a sensor to determine the new dimensions of the part, and applies these changes to the existing trim program. The same steps are used for cutting, drilling, and routing applications. The company collaboration also produced RouterWare and JetWare, both software programs that produce several utilities for creating, and if necessary, adjusting cut paths. These software programs form common geometric shapes for cutting with just a few inputs.

An option of the Points Importer EG is the G-Code Converter EG software for the trimming process. It is an application-based software that uses six-axis devices to accurately perform cutting, deburring, trimming, and engraving tasks, to name a few. G-Code Converter EG software applies knowledge to cutting speeds and angles, as well as rotation speeds to develop precise cutting paths. It is ideal for working with CAD/CAM packages using specific application tools to design intricate cutting and material removal paths.

For laser cutting, KUKA’s LaserTech is an extremely efficient and flexible choice.

Cutting right to the chase, these trimming software options can be tailored to any type of job. RobotWorx can help any company incorporate the right trimming robot software into their production line. Contact RobotWorx for more information online or at 877-762-6881.