Used ABB shelf-mounted robots really have the angle

Shelf mounted robots offer users another level of reach and productivity. ABB offers a line of shelf mounted robots that are very successful in the metal working and plastics industries. They are also helpful in the injection molding, die casting, and other dispensary applications as they can be positioned with an advantageous downward angle.

Used ABB shelf-mounted robots really have the angle


While many believe that a robot can only be effective when it is either floor or gantry mounted, some also know that other mounting options, like shelf mounting, are very effective and give robots another level of reach not seen in floor or gantry mounted models. ABB’s line of used shelf mounted robots continue to win over the hearts of metal working and plastics industries, along with others, because of their ability to improve productivity in so many areas.

Used shelf mounted robots from ABB are used in injection molding, die casting and other dispensary applications where they are positioned to work at a downward angle to plastics, metals and other materials into molds. By having the robot in an upright, but fixed position, it can move down below its mounting and dispense materials as needed, something that may not run as smoothly with robots mounted in other ways.

Another application that utilizes used ABB shelf-mounted robots is press tending. Because presses are big and take up a lot of room, space is usually limited on the shop floor for tending these machines. When companies employ a used shelf-mounted ABB robot, they are saving floor space by putting the robot on a perch above the presses, allowing it to reach down and grab the pressed material.

Shelf-mounted robots are also used heavily in the car industry, especially ABB’s shelf-mounted robot systems. These shelf-mounted robots are ideal for reaching down into a car and welding a part, or applying adhesive to attach parts further down the line. While humans have to jump up into cars and install items in to the frames, used shelf-mounted robotic systems from ABB can just reach through the hood and quickly perform the same action because of the shelf-mounted angle, which gives it a lot more versatility.

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