Versatile and Cost Effective Welding Possible with Robots

If you are looking to help improve the productivity and reduce costs on your welding production line, consider integrating a robotic system today. Industrial robots can perform a wide range of welding tasks from arc to spot welding, they are seen in factories across the globe. Industrial robots can improve the quality of the welds by performing a precise, accuracy, and consistent product everytime 24/7.

Versatile and Cost Effective Welding Possible with Robots


Welding is one of the more common robotic applications on the market today. Robot welders can be found perform all different kinds of arc and spot welding in factories across the globe. They can even weld underwater. But, why would a manufacturer choose a robotic welding system over a skilled human welder? That is simple – it is more cost effective, and it improves the quality of the welds and the products.

Robot welding is easily more cost effective than having human welders performing all the welding applications. While the price tag for a robotic welding system may seem a little steep ($75,000-$100,000+), a welding robot can perform at the speed of four human welders. So, if each human welder made $15 an hour and worked 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, the salaries alone would equal over $124,000 in one year, for one shift. Which means that if a manufacturer is running two shifts a day, a robotic welding system that cost $100,000 could pay for itself in less than six months.

Along with being cost effective, robot welding systems are also faster, as mentioned above. Because of their speed, they are able to move products out to customers faster, which is better for the company. But, they do not sacrifice quality for speed. Each weld that a welding robot applies is strong and adds to the integrity of the product. This is because a welding robotic system is able to find the right spot and weld the same place every time – something that a human counterpart could never do.

All in all, welding robots improve the overall quality of the welding application, and they save manufacturers time and money on production.

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