Versatile and Cost Effective Welding Possible with Robots

Jun 28, 2014

If you are looking to help improve the productivity and reduce costs on your welding production line, consider integrating a robotic system today. Industrial robots can perform a wide range of welding tasks from arc to spot welding, they are seen in factories across the globe. Industrial robots can improve the quality of the welds by performing a precise, accuracy, and consistent product everytime 24/7.


Weld­ing is one of the more com­mon robot­ic appli­ca­tions on the mar­ket today. Robot welders can be found per­form all dif­fer­ent kinds of arc and spot weld­ing in fac­to­ries across the globe. They can even weld under­wa­ter. But, why would a man­u­fac­tur­er choose a robot­ic weld­ing sys­tem over a skilled human welder? That is sim­ple – it is more cost effec­tive, and it improves the qual­i­ty of the welds and the products.

Robot weld­ing is eas­i­ly more cost effec­tive than hav­ing human welders per­form­ing all the weld­ing appli­ca­tions. While the price tag for a robot­ic weld­ing sys­tem may seem a lit­tle steep ($75,000-$100,000+), a weld­ing robot can per­form at the speed of four human welders. So, if each human welder made $15 an hour and worked 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, the salaries alone would equal over $124,000 in one year, for one shift. Which means that if a man­u­fac­tur­er is run­ning two shifts a day, a robot­ic weld­ing sys­tem that cost $100,000 could pay for itself in less than six months.

Along with being cost effec­tive, robot weld­ing sys­tems are also faster, as men­tioned above. Because of their speed, they are able to move prod­ucts out to cus­tomers faster, which is bet­ter for the com­pa­ny. But, they do not sac­ri­fice qual­i­ty for speed. Each weld that a weld­ing robot applies is strong and adds to the integri­ty of the prod­uct. This is because a weld­ing robot­ic sys­tem is able to find the right spot and weld the same place every time – some­thing that a human coun­ter­part could nev­er do.

All in all, weld­ing robots improve the over­all qual­i­ty of the weld­ing appli­ca­tion, and they save man­u­fac­tur­ers time and mon­ey on production.

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