Welding and Assembly at World Block – Duluth, Minnesota

World Block, Inc. worked with RobotWorx to integrate a robot on their production line for help with their steel forms and retaining walls. They purchased their first system from RobotWorx in 2008 and saw huge labor savings and improved product quality. Because of their great success with the first system, they purchased their second system through RobotWorx as well. Overall, World Block, Inc. is able to produce a better quality product at a more affordable price for their customers.

Welding and Assembly at World Block – Duluth, Minnesota


World Block, Inc. is a company that creates the steel forms that are used to make large blocks for retaining walls and landscape construction projects. They offer a variety of forms and liners that allow blocks to achieve different looks and finishes. How do they weld and assemble their products? They automate with robots from RobotWorx, of course!

World Block approached RobotWorx for the first time in 2008, when they were looking for a welding system. According to Rod Johnson, President of World Block, the first system was a great success. “We bought our first system in 2008 and, in terms of labor savings and improved product quality, it started paying off the first day we installed it,” Johnson stated. World Block had looked around for months prior to purchasing the first system, and couldn’t beat the combination of price, quality, and service that RobotWorx offered. “We had such a good experience with our first system from RobotWorx that it was a ‘no-brainer’ to buy our second system from them as well – we literally didn’t consider anyone else.”

This time around, World Block purchased two Motoman UP6 XRC systems. “We are just setting up the current system, but we estimate that the prior system we purchased does the equivalent work of two people, with welds that look exceptional,” Johnson stated. “We produce a better product at a lower price.”

World Block is very happy with their RobotWorx systems. The company is getting better welds, quicker assembly, and a better work environment for their employees. Instead of spending 10 hours a day welding, they are now assemblers, which is a healthier environment. World Block stated that they would recommend RobotWorx to others. “The combination of quality and price that RobotWorx offers is hard to beat,” Johnson stated.

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