Welding the Wheels – welding in the transportation industry

Jul 15, 2013

These days, it is hard to find an industry that does not rely on welding cells to improve the quality of their welds. The welding automated systems help to increase the speeds of production for a variety of industries, including the automotive. The automotive industry will increase the overall quality of your weld and make the overall work environment safer and more efficient.


In this age of auto­mat­ed weld­ing, it is hard to find an indus­try that doesn’t rely on weld­ing cells to improve the qual­i­ty of their welds and the speed of their pro­duc­tion. The trans­porta­tion indus­try is no exception.

Whether it is a car, a truck, a bus or a train, robot­ic weld­ing cells have prob­a­bly touched them all. The trans­porta­tion indus­try turned to auto­mat­ed robot sys­tems in the 1980s to improve their pro­duc­tion and keep up with the increas­ing demand on their industry.

As man­u­fac­tur­ing changed, com­pa­nies began to real­ize that they need­ed their pro­duc­tion to not only work hard­er, but also smarter. That is where the weld­ing cell came into play. By com­bin­ing and elim­i­nat­ing process­es, vehi­cle man­u­fac­tur­ers were able to save even more mon­ey while fur­ther increas­ing their pro­duc­tion and keep­ing up with the competition.

Even now, man­u­fac­tur­ers are look­ing for ways to improve their robot­ic weld­ing cells. There is one school of thought that believes if weld­ing cell equip­ment is stan­dard­ized and ven­dors are stream­lined, weld­ing cells would be even more effi­cient and effec­tive in their tasks.

While that may be true, the process of com­bi­na­tion and elim­i­na­tion are prob­a­bly still the most effec­tive ways to per­pet­u­al­ly improve weld­ing cell appli­ca­tions. As cities grow and more trans­porta­tion increas­es, the need for vehi­cles, and the cells that weld them, will prob­a­bly not go any­where for a long while.

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