Welding the Wheels – welding in the transportation industry

These days, it is hard to find an industry that does not rely on welding cells to improve the quality of their welds. The welding automated systems help to increase the speeds of production for a variety of industries, including the automotive. The automotive industry will increase the overall quality of your weld and make the overall work environment safer and more efficient.

Welding the Wheels – welding in the transportation industry


In this age of automated welding, it is hard to find an industry that doesn’t rely on welding cells to improve the quality of their welds and the speed of their production. The transportation industry is no exception.

Whether it is a car, a truck, a bus or a train, robotic welding cells have probably touched them all. The transportation industry turned to automated robot systems in the 1980s to improve their production and keep up with the increasing demand on their industry.

As manufacturing changed, companies began to realize that they needed their production to not only work harder, but also smarter. That is where the welding cell came into play. By combining and eliminating processes, vehicle manufacturers were able to save even more money while further increasing their production and keeping up with the competition.

Even now, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their robotic welding cells. There is one school of thought that believes if welding cell equipment is standardized and vendors are streamlined, welding cells would be even more efficient and effective in their tasks.

While that may be true, the process of combination and elimination are probably still the most effective ways to perpetually improve welding cell applications. As cities grow and more transportation increases, the need for vehicles, and the cells that weld them, will probably not go anywhere for a long while.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of several welding cells, including FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA weld cells, is dedicated to customizing the best welding cells possible for their customers. The company is determined to work with their customers to design and build the best robotic welding cell for their particular facility.

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