Welding with Servo Guns

Robotic spot welding servo guns help to improve the quality of welds, productivity, welding control, and money. these welding guns can be synchronized with the robot to help produce shorter cycle times and improving the overall productivity for the welding application. Furthermore, the spot welding servo guns are servo-motor driven to help allow the servo gun to operate at three times the speed of a regular gun.

Welding with Servo Guns

Robotic Servo Guns for Welding

Servo guns are probably one of the best things to happen to robotic spot welding in years. These spot welding guns improve the quality of welds, productivity, welding control and they even save money on equipment. What more could a manufacturer ask for, right?

These servo guns can be synchronized with the robot, which means shorter cycle times, which leads to higher productivity for the spot welding application. They are also servo-motor driven, which allows the programmed servo gun to operate at three times the speed of a conventional gun.

Along with an increase in productivity, a robotic welding servo gun also enhances the weld quality for a manufacturer’s product. Due to the servo motors, these guns have precise pressure control, which help to reduce spatter and tip wear. This not only improves weld quality, but also improves safety standards and decreases maintenance costs for the gun. The servo gun’s impact is also three times less than a traditional welding gun, which helps to eliminate deformations in the work.

The flexibility of a servo gun is also increased over that of a traditional air welding gun. The servo gun is versatile enough to weld a wide range of pressures to account for varying thicknesses in the metals that it is welding. This also helps to detract from welding errors, by measuring the thickness of each welding work piece prior to beginning the weld.

RobotWorx supplies robotic systems from companies like Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, and KUKA, has several robot models that can use servo guns for their spot and resistance welding applications.

RobotWorx will assist customers in finding the perfect servo gun robotics for your application and facility. For more information, contact RobotWorx today online or at 877-762-6881.