Welding with the KUKA flexibleCUBE

The KUKA flexible cube is a modular robotic cell that will increase competition and produce greater results on your production line. It is a plug and play system, easy to integrate and use once it is set up.

Welding with the KUKA flexibleCUBE


As welding cell robotics becomes more widespread, robotics companies are clammering to come up with the next “big thing” to catch customers’ eyes. That offering from KUKA is the new KUKA flexible CUBE.

The KUKA flexibleCUBE welding cell was KUKA’s answer to increasing competition and greater demands on manufacturing production. The company decided to produce a modular robotic welding cell to answer the demands.

This robot weld cell is automation made simple. KUKA has designed this system to be integrated into a manufacturing process simply and seamlessly. The system is basically plug and play. With a strong integration plan and a knowledgeable operator, the integration process will be completely painless.

The flexibleCUBE is designed for flexibility, quality and safety. It has several safety and flexibility options to save manufacturers time and money in the long run, while also giving manufacturers the ability to keep that edge over their competitors.

KUKA isn’t kidding when it boasts that there is lots of flexibility in the flexibleCUBE. The CUBE itself has nine different models, with positioners ranging from stationary tables to turntables to ferris wheel systems.

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