What is Flexdeburr?

Flexdeburr, is a deburring tool that brings fast speeds (40,000 RPM) that significantly reduce cycle time. Flexdeburr also includes integrated radial compliance. There are a variety of Flexdeburr options available to best meet your unique production needs.

What is Flexdeburr?


ATI Industrial Automation designed the Flexdeburr, a high-speed robotic deburring tool with integrated radial compliance. The Flexdeburr is air turbine-driven, and can deburr a variety of materials, including aluminum, plastic, steel, and many more. The tool is lightweight, and is ideally equipped to deburr parting lines as well as removing flash from manufactured parts. Since the 40,000 RPM unit also deburrs edges, cycle time is significantly reduced.

Orientation of the part is not pertinent; the Flexdeburr boasts high feed rates with precise quality regardless of orientation. Irregular part patterns are also not a challenge, since the air pressure allows consistent deburring. The Flexdeburr can compensate for surface variations due to the design of the cutting bit following the part profile. The tool uses standard tungsten-carbide industrial bits for flexibility.

Five main types of Flexdeburr models are available. The Flexdeburr 150 focuses on the finish: it is designed for light deburring. The Flexdeburr 340 takes it up a notch and is prepared for medium deburring and light deflashing., and the Flexdeburr 340 CNC is the CNC version with onboard compliance and air regulation. The Flexdeburr 300 is suited for special material applications, since it has a lower RPM than the 340 model. Last, the Flexdeburr 660’s more powerful motor is used for medium to heavy deflashing. Several operating speeds are available: options are 30,000, 40,000, and 65,000 RPM models, and the tools offer up to 9mm of compliance.

Not only is the work environment spared from loud noise with the quiet motor on the Flexdeburr, but it also receives clean exhaust air vented inside since the unit does not require oil. Robot programming is minimized due to the built-in compliance, as is chattering and vibration.

Variety is the name of the game; spindle speeds are variable depending on the task (high speeds provide an optimum surface finish), and the cutting force is adjustable even as work progresses. The mounting interface is on the rear or the side of the unit, instead of just the rear.

For a radially-compliant deburring tool, the Flexdeburr is a consistent choice. RobotWorx works with all types of industries that require deburring. If you would like to learn more about how to integrate a deburring robot, contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.