What makes the Motoman SK16M move?

The many parts of the Motoman SK-16M robot help it to complete the welding, removal, and handling tasks. All of the complex parts that make up the SK-16M robot, such as the AC servo motors, timing belts, speed reducers, a wrist unit and internal wiring, are available at RobotWorx for purchase.

What makes the Motoman SK16M move?


The Motoman SK-16M robot is one of many robots in the SK line of Motoman robots that perform welding, removal and handling tasks. The SK-16M, like many robots, is made up of a complex set of parts that work together to improve production, including AC servo motors, timing belts, speed reducers, a wrist unit and internal wiring.

Many parts of the robot help it to move and perform its tasks. The AC servo motors, part numbers HW9381136-A, HW9381137-A and HW9380837-A, are located in the S, L, U and R axes of the robot. These servomotors work through feedback from the robot and amplifiers that help the robot to operate smoothly.

The timing belt, part number 60S4.5M441, for the Motoman SK-16M is an integral part of a robot, that directs the movement. It assists in synchronizing the movements of all the robotic parts to make sure it moves fluidly.

Another part that contributes to the SK 16M’s movement are the speed reducers – part numbers HW9380736-A, HW9380616-A, Hw9380616-B and HW9380623-A – that are located on the S, L, U and R axes. These reducers lower the speed on the motor output while increasing torque on the motor, improving the robot’s performance.

The wrist unit, part number HW9171081-A, consists of the base and wrist of the robot. This is where the end effector is connected to the robot. Without the wrist unit, the robot is essentially like a human arm without a hand. The wrist is an important connector that is necessary for the functionality of the robotic application.

Finally, the internal wiring, part numbers HW9171099-A and HW9370822-A, direct the power supply and the program commands to the robot. Without these wires, the robot would have no power to move and no connection to the brain of the system, the robotic controller.

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