What makes the Motoman SK16M move?

Sep 26, 2013

The many parts of the Motoman SK-16M robot help it to complete the welding, removal, and handling tasks. All of the complex parts that make up the SK-16M robot, such as the AC servo motors, timing belts, speed reducers, a wrist unit and internal wiring, are available at Robots.com for purchase.


The Motoman SK-16M robot is one of many robots in the SK line of Motoman robots that per­form weld­ing, removal and han­dling tasks. The SK-16M, like many robots, is made up of a com­plex set of parts that work togeth­er to improve pro­duc­tion, includ­ing AC ser­vo motors, tim­ing belts, speed reduc­ers, a wrist unit and inter­nal wiring.

Many parts of the robot help it to move and per­form its tasks. The AC ser­vo motors, part num­bers HW9381136‑A, HW9381137‑A and HW9380837‑A, are locat­ed in the S, L, U and R axes of the robot. These ser­vo­mo­tors work through feed­back from the robot and ampli­fiers that help the robot to oper­ate smoothly.

The tim­ing belt, part num­ber 60S4.5M441, for the Motoman SK-16M is an inte­gral part of a robot, that directs the move­ment. It assists in syn­chro­niz­ing the move­ments of all the robot­ic parts to make sure it moves fluidly.

Anoth­er part that con­tributes to the SK-16M’s move­ment are the speed reduc­ers – part num­bers HW9380736‑A, HW9380616‑A, Hw9380616‑B and HW9380623‑A – that are locat­ed on the S, L, U and R axes. These reduc­ers low­er the speed on the motor out­put while increas­ing torque on the motor, improv­ing the robot’s performance.

The wrist unit, part num­ber HW9171081‑A, con­sists of the base and wrist of the robot. This is where the end effec­tor is con­nect­ed to the robot. With­out the wrist unit, the robot is essen­tial­ly like a human arm with­out a hand. The wrist is an impor­tant con­nec­tor that is nec­es­sary for the func­tion­al­i­ty of the robot­ic application.

Final­ly, the inter­nal wiring, part num­bers HW9171099‑A and HW9370822‑A, direct the pow­er sup­ply and the pro­gram com­mands to the robot. With­out these wires, the robot would have no pow­er to move and no con­nec­tion to the brain of the sys­tem, the robot­ic controller.

So, are you con­sid­er­ing buy­ing an SK16M for your facil­i­ty? Do you already own an SK-16M that needs spare parts? If so, con­tact Robots​.com, a cer­ti­fied inte­gra­tor for Motoman Robot­ics. Robots​.com has every­thing you need to sup­ply your robot or your facil­i­ty with the prop­er equip­ment to func­tion on a high­er level.

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