A Tale of Four Cabinets – The FANUC R-30iB


FANUC Robotics has been building industrial robots for over 30 years. In that time, FANUC has released a variety of controllers that have continued to improve throughout the years to provide customers with more advantages and more options. Their most recent controller, the FANUC R-30iB, is the most advanced controller yet, with four different size and shape options to save space and improve productivity.

Overall, the R-30iB is designed to increase productivity, according to FANUC. The four variations help to save floor space, provide user-friendly controls, operate with safer software, and boot up faster, all while maximizing on the energy savings – making it friendly to your budget and the environment. These four variations are the A-Cabinet, the Open-Air Cabinet, the B-Cabinet, and the Mate Cabinet.

The R30iB’s A-Cabinet and B-Cabinet have a lot in common…except when it comes to the size. The B-Cabinet is a standard size robot controller cabinet, making it well engineered for extra operations technology, like amplifiers and I/O modules. The A-Cabinet is a smaller, stackable cabinet that is great for industrial environments because it can be placed almost anywhere. This gives manufacturers more versatility in their layout designs.

The Mate Cabinet and Open-Air Cabinets have something in common with the R 30iB A-Cabinet – they are also compact, stack-able units that save space and time. These two variations are also modified to work perfectly with smaller robots. FANUC stated that the Mate Cabinet is a self-contained, powerful model that is perfectly suited for smaller robots, like the LR-Mate series. The Open-Air Cabinet is a little different. It is also ideal to use with the LR Mate series, but it can be used for the M1, M2, and M3 spider robots as well, and can be rack mounted into another robot controller cabinet to save even more space.

All in all, these four robot cabinet sizes and designs allow manufacturers to optimize their robot controller layout, while still having one of the most powerful controllers in the business – the FANUC R-30iB.

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