Avoid Mistakes When Purchasing Used Robots


Top 10 Common Purchasing Mistakes Companies Make:

RobotWorx recognizes these mistakes and makes sure that we give customers the best reconditioned robot systems on the market.  Many people can be fooled by a very low price tag.  Review the below reasons why you should be very careful on the type of robot you are purchasing & who you are purchasing that robot from.

1. Buying a robot system without warranty.

Make sure there is a warranty offered with the used system. A used robot supplier should offer a warranty with certified parts and labor. Technical support should be offered with the warranty.

RobotWorx includes a warranty with every robot we sell. Our robot integration packages come with a great warranty. Our technical support lines are open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM , Eastern Standard Time.

2. Buying from an unexperienced dealer.

RobotWorx has been in the robotic industry for over 25+ years.  Our experienced sales and engineering team knows how to identify the exact robot that is right for your automation needs.  We have integrated thousands of robot systems and workcells throughout North America.  

3. Buying a robot from an auction.

This may appear to be a great bargain, but beware of the lack of warranty, no guarantee that it will even power up and the lack of past history. The unit might not even have all the necessary parts when you get it, so there's a great deal of risk when buying from auctions. Auctions are often a hassle because of the distance required to attend and the problems associated with shipping arrangements. There are a number of additional fees associated with auctions. Buyer premiums alone range 13-15%. Obtaining authorization for bidding is a nuisance and occasionally nearly impossible. Web auctions also feature annoying time delays that can cause you to lose an item by not registering your bid in time.

RobotWorx reconditions all their used robot systems, so our customers do not have to worry about the longevity of the robot. Our quotes offer a detailed list of costs associated with the purchase of the robot. Our sales team works with the customer to ensure they are getting the most effective system for their budget. Each system is custom-tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

4. Buying a used robot from an online venue.

You will find many great bargains online, but beware of the lack of warranty, service, and support you are getting with the robot. Plus, there is no guarantee that the robot will work when you get it.

5. Ignoring the spare parts policy of the supplier.

Some suppliers don't offer a spare parts policy with their used robot. Make sure to ask about parts exchange, and the suppliers ability to get the parts you need.

RobotWorx offers our customers 100% certified parts exchange during the warranty period. We guarantee our reconditioning process to be the highest in quality, therefore we will replace any parts during the warranty period. Our service department can be reached at 740-251-4327.

6. Choosing a vendor without looking at their service department.

Is the supplier capable of servicing the robot? Make sure that the used robot vendor is able to service your system before buying it.

RobotWorx has an experienced technical support department that is on call for customer support. We are fully staffed with factory trained technicians who are on call to answer any questions that may arise. Our technical support lines are open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM , Eastern Standard Time.

7. Not requiring the robot to be reconditioned.

Buying a used system that comes 'as is' leaves a lot of room for error. There are many parts of a robot that need to be replaced after it has been in production. A reconditioned system will last far longer than a used robot that is sold as is.

RobotWorx takes great pride in our extensive service department. Every part of the robot is tested to discover any excessive play in axes or repeatability problems. Each robot system is put through a Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Report, and is thoroughly tested before it is ready for production.

8. Inheriting someone else's robot issues.

Buying a used robot system it is much like buying a used car. It is possible to inherit someone else's lemon. Individuals and auctioneers are not likely to be forthcoming about possible issues with a used robot either because of inexperience or for personal benefit.

RobotWorx offers robots that are reconditioned. All of our robot systems comes with a RobotWorx Value Package.

9. Not checking the vendors resume.

There are many companies out there that sell used robots but few of them have the qualified technicians that can really help you when your robot is down, or you are having technical issues.

RobotWorx is fully staffed with quality engineers and technicians that can help customers with any robot problem. Our technicians are qualified to help with any questions that may arise. We are here to give training and support to our valued customers Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM , Eastern Standard Time.

10. No documentation or training included.

Many used robots are sold without any documentation or training, leaving it to the customer to find their own information on the system and to seek outside help in learning how the robot system operates.

RobotWorx includes with every robot sold, manuals on how to operate and program the robot. Plus we will train your personnel at our facility and/or at your facility. We know that the more informed our customers are on the operation of a robot, the better they are at supporting their own needs and schedule and the more satisfied they will be with their purchase.

For more information about our warranties, large inventory, service and support contact us at 740-251-4312 or reach experts online.

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