How Robots are Meeting Machining Challenges

Machining encompasses a number of different material removal applications, such as milling, drilling, chamfering, and deburring, performed by power-driven machine tools. Most typically metal but also plastic and wooden objects require machining to achieve the right shape. . 

Machining applications pose a number of tough challenges. However, industrial robot technology has been able to effectively meet each one. Machining robots must be extremely rigid and strong to be able to machine harder materials such as metal. In addition, machining applications require high-speed performance and precision. Finally, machining products with complex geometries requires sophisticated software (such as Robotmaster) and effective EOAT solutions (spindles, etc.).

Machining robots

Benefits of Robotic Machining:
Industrial robot companies have realized the need for sturdy, reliable machining robots. The robotic solutions they continue to create have expanded the market horizons for robots.

In addition, machining companies are reaping in the benefits. Machining robots provide time savings by working efficiently with consistent cycle times. They also improve quality through precise, reliable work. Finally, industrial machining robots provide application versatility and articulated flexibility – allowing companies to save money by using the same robots for multiple products and applications.

Modern Machining Robots:
Find out about a few key players in the machining robot arena…

Squatty, 6-axis robots such as the Motoman DX1350D provide answers to tough machining jobs. This robot is featured in Motoman’s Perfect Edge workcell, designed specifically for trimming, deburring, etc. The robust DX1350D has a high torque wrist and 0.06mm repeatability.

The KUKA HA (high accuracy) robot series also provides machining solutions. Ideally suited for trimming, milling, and other jobs, the KUKA KR 30 HAKR 60 HA , KR 100 HA robots constructed for speed, rigidity, and accuracy.

Software for Machining:
Products with complicated geometries are the norm for machining applications. In order to achieve the same (or better) results as CNC machines, industrial robots require advanced software technology. Robotmaster is one of these products. This particular software package is compatible with Motoman, KUKA, and FANUC 6-axis robots.

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