Increase Your Productivity with the Masters of Material Handling: The New Motoman GP Series


Motoman is proud to announce that it will expand its range of industrial material handling robots with the new GP series. This series, due out October 2016, will include the GP 7, GP 8, and GP 12.  All of these robots will be compact, slender, yet curvaceous to enable a penetration into deep work spaces while also providing a large work envelope. To help provide even more flexibility, there are versatile mounting options: floor, ceiling, and wall.

If your application requires a robot that can withstand a harsh working environment, then no further modification would be needed for any of the three GP series models. Each one has a smooth surface which facilitates cleaning and are rated IP67. Additionally, these three models represent simplification at its finest as only one robot cable is needed to connect the manipulator and control unit. This is a huge advantage as it brings a smaller footprint, reduced maintenance expenses, and less overall wear.

If all of this wasn't enough, Motoman set the bar really high with the fast speeds and accelerations seen with this series. All of the new GP models incorporate the fast and highly dynamic Sigma-7 series motors. Watch the speeds of the GP8 in action! 

Providing a range of options for a variety of applications, each robot offers slightly different payloads and reaches. The Motoman  GP7 provides 7 kg payload and 927 mm reach. The Motoman GP8 offers an 8 kg payload and 727 mm reach. The Motoman  GP12 is a material handling workhorse! The GP12 is the world's highest speed robot in its class. It has an amazing work envelope with a 12 kg payload and 1440 mm reach. You can read more about the specifics for each robot here!

The GP series robots are controlled by the new, compact YRC 1000 controller. The YRC 1000 was designed to bring the robot acceleration and speed to new standards, while also minimizing the utilization of space on the floor. It is the lightest programming device in its class, weighing in at a mere 730 g.

The Motoman GP series is ready to conquer your material handling job by bringing high speeds, amazing efficiency, and taking up minimal floor space.  If you are ready to increase your total productivity, then the experts at RobotWorx are ready to help you get started with a robot in the Motoman GP series. Every robotic system comes with the RobotWorx Value Package. Contact them online or give them a call at 741-250-4312.

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