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Motoman GP12
GP12 Information

The Motoman GP12 is the material handling workhorse you want on your floor! It has an amazing work envelope, large payload (12 kg), speeds up to 15% faster, and highest wrist allowable moment in its class.  Combine this with it's slim design that minimizes interference with peripheral devices in small spaces and its ability to work close and deep into work spaces; you won't need to look any further for the perfect solution to your material handling application.  

Furthermore, the Motoman GP 12 robot has a 50 mm (1.9 in) through hole in the hollow arm for utilities and a hollow arm to help eliminate cable interference.  There is also an easy, single cable connection for quick setup and easy maintenance and a data saving feature that helps enable replacement of wiring harness without battery connection. 

Cleaning and integration will be a breeze with the GP12. It has an easy-to-clean surface that is IP67 rated and ready for use in harsh environments.  Additionally, there is only a single cable needed to connect the manipulator and controller, enabling easy set-up, operation, and maintenance of this robot. 

Giving you ultimate flexibility and options, the GP12 can be mounted on the floor, wall, or ceiling. It is paired with the intelligent YRC1000 controller

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 12kg
H-Reach: 1440mm
Repeatability: ± 0.08mm
Robot Mass: 130kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: Floor, Wall, Ceiling
Robot Motion Speed
Robot Motion Range
Robot Controllers
YRC 1000
Robotic Applications
Material Handling
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