Innovative Safety Solutions with ABB's SafeMove2


ABB has recently launched an unrivaled safety certified software that increases overall productivity for up to a 30% reduction in total investment cost! SafeMove2 provides increased  flexibility, greater space savings, numerous cutting edge commissioning tools, and even more improved safety functions such as safe speed limits, safe standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges and position, and orientation supervision. These safety features are integrated directly into the robot controller to encourage the development of innovative robot applications. There is a safety fieldbus connectivity integrated into ABB’s IRC5 robot controller family as well as the IRC5 Single, Compact, and Paint controllers.

In addition, SafeMove2 provides the necessary tools to facilitate collaboration between man and machine. It decreases the need for fences or cages as it allows the close collaboration between robots and factory workers. SafeMove2  is able to restrict the robot motion to solely what is needed for a specific application. Safety sensors can be incorporated into the workcell to provide immediate detection of a worker’s presence. These sensors enable the  supervision and monitoring of the robot’s speed while the worker is present and then quickly restarting work after the worker is gone. This ultimately results in less down time and higher productivity gains. 

This advanced software also increases the speed up the commissioning workflow for a faster setup and validation, as well as for the creation of more  efficient and flexible production scenarios.

ABB is doing an incredible job of keeping up with the fast-paced and quickly advancing industrial robotic world by developing programs, such as SafeMove2, to enhance collaboration solutions, productivity, and safety. Solutions like these help to support the advancement and integration of future technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things by providing fully integrated, flexible software solutions. 

It is easy to see that the factory of the future is changing. ABB continues to stay at the forefront of developing technology, ultimately helping to reshape the way the world conquers automation manufacturing with its innovative safety solutions. We are proud, certified integrators of ABB robots and our team of experts at RobotWorx is ready to provide you with more information on SafeMove2. Contact us online or at 740-251-4312 to get started today! 

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