It Happens Every Year… It’s National Robotics Week!

We’ve told you about industrial robotsrobot partsworkcells, the robotic industry, automation, and on and on and on… You get it. You are probably reading this article because you are interested in robotics. Maybe you are an engineer. Maybe you are studying to be an engineer. Maybe you are learning about becoming a robotic technician. Or maybe you have soaked in all this robotic information and are ready to become a part of the robotic world. If that last one describes you, you could not be ready to experience robotics at a better time.

Factory Robots

National Robotics Week starts April 7 this year and runs until April 15. Now is your chance to see some robotics in action! Check out the list of robotic events to see where you can be part of the action! The Robotic Industries of America is also hosting two free webinars about industrial robotics!

If you think you would like to get involved by starting a career in the robotic industry, you will definitely want to attend one or both of the webinars. Speakers from all over the industry will weigh-in on the fundamentals of robotics as well as careers and jobs in robotics. The Career Opportunities in Robotics session will be held April 10, 2012 from noon until 1 PM EST. The Fundamentals of Robotics – Factory Solutions session will be April 12, 2012 from noon until 1 PM EST.

Be sure to check out the webinars and find a robotic event near you! For more information on automated solutions, contact RobotWorx experts online or at 740-251-4312.

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