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Choosing the right robotic integrator is crucial to the success of your production line. RobotWorx experts are ready to offer you a seamless integration and ensure that it is done right the first time.  We have 25 years of experience working with experts in the industry.

A production line for automated manufacturing that offers multiple configurations provides virtually limitless options. Developing a versatile and flexible production line will help you to maximize production while also saving valuable floor space. Flexible production lines will also enhance the set-up investment longevity, maximize the space, increase productivity, and enable increased manufacturing volume.

On August 4th, 2017, RobotWorx' doors burst open with pride for it was time to celebrate 25 years of grand success. The facility in Marion, Ohio opened to the public at 8 a.m. to begin the celebratory tour of the facility!   Over 125 people of all ages filled the facility with their smiles, passion for robotics, and wonderful curiosity.  The kids brought some of the widest smiles and best questions, anxious to see how automation worked.

Virtual Reality is quickly advancing in this technology driven world and is now making its way into automation with ABB leading the way.  ABB is the first company to offer VR for robot programming through its RobotStudio. This system makes the job of a robot engineer much easier.  It allows users to interact with the 3D models on RobotStudio by plugging in to virtual reality goggles and viewing the 3D models from every direction, much better than on a 2D computer screen.

RobotWorx is so incredibly thrilled and grateful to be celebrating its 25th anniversary!RobotWorx was created out of the genius (and garage!) of Keith Wanner.  Keith had a fierce passion for robots and building things, so he did just that; he built a robotic company!On August 4th, 1992 RobotWorx was created to help bridge the gap between large, full-service robot integrators and small distributors installing robots.

To further enhance the North American WaterJet market, I-Cubed Industry Innovators Inc. and Yaskawa Motoman America, Inc. have teamed up and signed a Robot Supply Agreement (according to www.icubed.biz). I-Cubed Industry Innovators Inc. was established in 2008 as a high tech machinery manufacturer, operating from Stoney Creek, Ontario in Canada.

When it comes to robot parts, RobotWorx sets the standards high. That's why we sell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) robot parts. RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of FANUC, Yaskawa-Motoman, KUKA, and ABB robotic automation systems. These integration relationships allow us to share our distributor pricing and support advantages with customers in need of spare parts and consumables.

The robotics division is advancing at ridiculously fast speeds, quickly becoming enveloped in smart software, sensors, and EOATs. Yet, as intelligent as these technologies are becoming, they still depends on human capability to help and oversee daily operation. Sophisticated software ultimately depends on interface with humans. They still need to be programmed.

Industrial robots move with great force and can easily injure worker if he/she enters a work space during operation. For this reason, robots are contained behind curtains, fencing, or other barriers for the safety and protection of human workers.  This is great for some operations, but other automation businesses need just a little more flexibility.

Anti-robot sentiments are not unheard of; a lot of robot apocalypse fear and finger pointing (at robots) has ensued. However, this does not need to be the case anymore.  With the current administration fighting to bring jobs back to America, there is a much more positive way to look at the robot issue. Perhaps it's time to start understanding the contribution that robots have in keeping our economy alive.

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