Top of the Line: Fanuc Deburring Robots

Fanuc has been in the robotic industry for years, so it is no surprise that they are creating best in class robots such as the LR Mate 200iC robot. The LR Mate 200iC by Fanuc can locate and deburr a part using the optional iRVision and an FS-10iA Force Sensor. Furthermore, the Fanuc 200iC has a great wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed.

Top of the Line: Fanuc Deburring Robots


Best in class. That title was awarded to Fanuc’s LR Mate 200iC robot, which can locate and deburr a part. Loaded with iRVision and an FS-10iA Force Sensor, this robot ‘s wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed earned it the top award.

iRVision helps the robot not only locate a part, but also to determine the orientation of a part. It uses end-of-arm tooling to change the orientation if necessary. Then, the Force Sensor is used to deburr the inside of the part. Small parts, new styles, and part modifications are no problem for this six-axis robot; it quickly adapts to its working conditions. Always flexible, the LR Mate 200iC model can be used in many different industries: electronics, medical devices, food, metals, plastics, and packaged and consumer goods. It can be mounted on the floor, on a tabletop, and even inside machines.

The Fanuc M-1iA is another six-axis robot (with a four-axis variation) that picks and deburrs parts. While it specializes in small parts, there is nothing small about the job it can perform. This model is lightweight and compact with the ability to work in tight spaces.

The Fanuc M-16iB robot uses vision to perform intelligent deburring. It is equipped with ROBOGUIDE software’s deburring program using 3D CAD data. This model boasts the ability to accommodate larger parts. It is top of its class for carrying a large and heavy payload.

Other Fanuc deburring robot models include: Fanuc LR Mate 100iB, Fanuc M-710i, and Fanuc R-2000iA. The type of job that needs to be completed will determine the model that should be used.

ATI Industrial Automation’s Flexdeburr robot brought options to Fanuc in regards to deburring cells. The system’s flexibility allowed Fanuc to improve the design of their automated work cell. With the performance of the Flexdeburr in the work cell, productivity will increase by 35-40%.

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