Automatic measuring with robot gauging controls

When handling loading and unloading processes, it is important to consider the weight that is carried by the robot. Gauge controls on the end effector can help automatically the amount, enabling the monitoring and safety of the robot. Robot gauging controls help make sure the robot's load is not too heavy.

Automatic measuring with robot gauging controls


The amount that is carried by a robot is an important element to any robot application, especially when dealing with loading and unloading processes. By using gauging controls on the end effector of the part loading robot, the load being carried can be automatically measured, ensuring that the robot is not picking up to heavy a load, and that the load did not change weight significantly during machining application.

There are several industries that can benefit from a robot gauging control on their part loading robots, including the automotive, aerospace and rail industries. These companies build transportation vehicles that have several parts that need to be specific weights. If these weights were to change drastically during the production process, it could be detrimental to the safety or cohesiveness of the entire vehicle as a whole. By using features like gauging controls on the robot’s end effectors, these weights are checked at each loading and unloading point, guaranteeing precision during the entire production process.

These robotic control gages can also be applied to grinding and other material removal processes used by different companies. When a part has cut away, it weighs less than it did at the beginning. By employing robot gauging controls on the end effectors that take the metal work piece from the material removal station, manufacturers will know exactly the weight of the finished piece. This can help alert the manufacturer to possible errors during the removal process, for example, the wearing of a spindle or other end effector. By using robotic controls for gauging payloads, companies can cut down on errors and improve the quality of their products.

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