Lincoln Electric Power Supplies for Welding Robots


The success of robotic welding applications does not rely solely on the robot. Other workcell components have a vital role to play in contributing to and controlling the final welding results. Power sources are a prime example.

Lincoln Electric has created four power sources capable of integrating with robotic systems: Power Wave i400, PowerWave 455M RoboticPowerWave 455M/STT Robotic, and PowerWave 655 Robotic.

Find out just how smart robotic welding components have become and how much control operators can have on the robotic welding process.

Waveform Control

All four Lincoln Electric power sources come with Waveform Control Technology. This tool makes it possible to fine tune your waveform - making sure it fits the specific welding application, wire type and dimensions, and shielding gas. The travel speed, shape of the welding bead, even the penetration and appearance can all be specified and adjusted so your welding robot provides the best possible performance.

You can program everything on your own or choose from over 60 different program variations. As always, the focus is on the end result, and Waveform Control Technology allows you to perfect the final weld quality with precision and ease.

Application Versatility:

Whether you need a power source for MIG, Pulsed-MIG, Flux-Cored, Metal-Cored, or Tandem MIG applications, you'll find your solution among these four Lincoln Electric power sources.

The PowerWave 455M/STT Robotic power source is ideal for more finicky applications and softer materials. The Surface Tension Transfer (STT) Process keeps heat input, spatter and fumes to a minimum while achieving the optimal weld performance. On the other hand, the PowerWave 655 power source is well-suited for robotic welding dense, thick materials.

Communication is Critical:

Lincoln Electric robotic welding power sources interface digitally with robotic controllers and other pertinent workcell components using ArcLink technology.

Ease of Use:

The PowerWave robotic welding solutions are modular, meaning they can work with different types of machines, not just robotic ones. They are also compact, making it easy to integrate them into tight workcell configurations. Last, Lincoln Electric makes sure each of its power sources are maintenance friendly.

Interested in purchasing a Lincoln Electric robotic power source for your welding robot? Contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312. 

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