Making Money by Selling Your Used Robot

So, you’re considering upgrading your current robot for a newer model? Congratulations! What are your plans for your existing robot? Wait, what do you mean you plan to scrap it? You may be able to sell that old robot and make a profit while doing it, which will definitely help recoup some of the expense of your new robot.

How do you go about selling your robot?  It’s simple. You find a reliable robotics integration company like RobotWorx. We are a certified integrator for several different robotics companies, and may be able to take that used robot off your hands.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when trying to sell your used robot to an integrator or other party. You want to think of the robot like any other item you’d try to sell. To get top dollar for your robotic system, it has to be in good working order.  Make sure all of the wiring and cabling for the robot is available, along with the teach pendant and controller.  Otherwise, you may be able to sell the robots for parts. While robotics integrators like RobotWorx may buy a robot that has problems or is not working, it all depends on the robot and the inventory already in stock. Typically, if your robot no longer runs or has mechanical issues, it may be best to trade the robot in, and apply the trade-in value toward the purchase of your new robot.

When selling a robot, it is important to know your system inside and out and have any paperwork available for prospective buyers, including ownership papers. You should also know your robot’s history and get it appraised, which will improve your knowledge of the robot’s worth. This could affect your selling price, as well as your marketing abilities. Make sure that the robot is photographed, so companies can see what they are potentially buying. It also doesn’t hurt to take a video of your robot in action to show prospective buyers.

After that, it is all about accepting the right bid for your robot. RobotWorx pledges to pay 10% more than other competitors. So, if you decide to accept a RobotWorx bid, you get more money and receive it faster than you would from other bidding customers. RobotWorx will even arrange for the shipping of your robot to our facility in Marion, Ohio.

RobotWorx buys and sells several different used robot models from FANUCMotomanKUKAABBUniversal Robots, and more! If you have a used robot you are interested in selling, contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.

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