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Can I trade my used robot for a new robot?

trade used robot for new robotRobot trading provides an excellent solution if you want to upgrade or cut costs on a robotic purchase. Trade your used robot for a reconditioned robot, upgrade, or new system.

RobotWorx' simplified approach to robot trading:

Communication - The first step in robots trading is to give us information about the used robot. Our acquisitions department can be reached at 740-251-4312.

Assessment - A complete evaluation of the robot must take place before it is accepted for trade-in. Our acquisitions department bases their trading bids on the condition of the manipulator, control cabinet, and system as a whole.

Bid/Sale - If a robot meets our criteria, we will either present a bid or discuss a proper trade to upgrade or improve your production line based on your exact needs.

Shipment - RobotWorx handles the shipment of all equipment we purchase.

RobotWorx gives you the best trading price for your system based on the condition of the robot.  Call 740-251-4312 or use our contact form if you would like to trade robotic equipment.