MotoSight 3D CanonVision Enhances Part Picking


MotoSight 3D CanonVision is a hardware and software solution that uses a single 3D Vision head. It is designed to quickly and easily recognize parts that are randomly placed in bins. 

It has a very simple setup, making it easy to use. The 3D CAD files are loaded to conduct part training. The part location and orientation data is transferred to the DX200 robot controller via Ethernet, and then it is in the system’s hand to choose the best solution.  3D CAD Matching ultimately provides a simplified and accurate part registration, allowing even complicated parts to be identified.

CanonVision is also super flexible as it can accommodate a variety of bin sizes. The user can also quickly and easily add or change parts as there are up to 200 part models supported with this software. Single-step recognition and picking of randomly placed parts is able to reduce implementation time. This also means that programming is not required for part recognition, reducing the cycle time and need for multiple cameras.

This system uses a high-performance a high performance Canon camera which used projected light patterns to locate the parts. Single step recognition reduces the need for multiple cameras. Each model includes advanced graphics recognition technology, automatic adjustments for quality improvement, and integrated lighting.

There are three camera models available to choose from:

The RV300 :              

    Max. bin size: 340 mm x 340 mm x 100 mm

    Min. part size: 10 mm x 10 mm

    Focal range: 500 mm x 600 mm

The RV500:

    Max. bin size: 540 mm x 540 mm x 200 mm

    Min. part size: 20 mm x 20 mm

    Focal range: 800 mm x 1000 mm

The RV1100:

    Max. bin size: 1160 mm x 1160 mm x 600 mm

    Min. part size: 45 mm x 45 mm

    Focal range: 1750 mm x 2350 mm

The entire 3D Canon Vision package includes a Canon camera, interface software for easy integration for Motoman robots, rack-mounted graphics workstation, calibration target, automatic bin locator, and empty bin detectors.

Other options available for this system include:

  • A Slider Mounting Support to help the camera camera to move over second bin.
  • An External Dictionary Creation to help use non-production PC and create a recognition dictionary.
  • A Batch Recognition for applications requiring multi-section bins.
  • A Consecutive Recognition Checking to provide the ability to make multiple item picks from a single image.
  • A Partial Work Recognition to allow part recognition and orientation from a partial image.

A few things to note about this package: A DX200 controller is required. Also, the installation does require customer-supplied mounting fixtures. Also, in order for successful operation, parts are required to have good distinguishing characteristics (> 3 mm) for proper orientation recognition. Furthermore, characteristics such as color, texture and translucency aids part identification, so if your parts have minimal physical distinction, are deformable, soft, translucent, or packaged, then this solution is not recommended.

If you are interested in getting MotoSight 3D CanonVision on your production line, contact RobotWorx experts today! They are ready to discuss all of your options online or by phone at 740-251-4312. 

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