North American Robotic Market Soaring after Record Breaking Opening Quarter

Jun 30, 2015

The North American robotic market has been breaking records when looking at robotic sales. According to the Robotic Industries Association, there was a 16% increase in robotic units in 2015 alone. RIA stated that the automotive business is helping boost the sales of robots while life science and metal industries were not far behind.


Over the last few years, the robot­ic mar­ket in North Amer­i­can has been con­tin­u­ing to tick upwards, often break­ing records for robot sales. This has con­tin­ued into 2015’s first quar­ter, when indus­tri­al robot orders and ship­ment records have bro­ken 2014’s record.

Accord­ing to the Robot­ic Indus­tries Asso­ci­a­tion (RIA), a total of 6,895 robots, val­ued at approx­i­mate­ly $435.1 mil­lion, were ordered from North Amer­i­can com­pa­nies dur­ing the first quar­ter of 2015, show­ing an increase of 16 per­cent in units and an increase of 29 per­cent in dol­lars over the same peri­od in 2014. Ship­ping had excep­tion­al growth, with an increase of 60 per­cent in units and 24% in dol­lars over the 2014 numbers. 

What is dri­ving the sales num­bers? RIA stat­ed that auto­mo­tive relat­ed orders have con­tin­ued to dri­ve the market’s per­for­mance in the first quar­ter, increas­ing 66 per­cent in units. There were oth­er areas with notable robot­ic growth as well, includ­ing the life sci­ence and met­al indus­tries. The most sought after appli­ca­tions in this quar­ter are mate­r­i­al han­dling, spot weld­ing, and coat­ing/dis­pens­ing. With an esti­mat­ed 235,000 at use in U.S. fac­to­ries, the U.S. is sec­ond to Japan in robot­ics use. 

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